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On-going Projects

  • Broad Based Wealth and Job Creation (BBW&JC)
    The Broad Based Wealth and Job Creation Programme is an economic empowerment initiative for micro small and medium enterprise development in Zambia. It aims to unlock the full potential of entrepreneurs as drivers of economic growth by enabling the poor to participate in, and benefit from, the growth process in Zambia
  • Occupational Safety and Health at Work (OSH)
    The International Labour Organization (ILO) has adopted the “Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)” Convention No. 187 and its accompanying Recommendation No. 197 as a means for the governance and improvement of OSH at the national level. The convention provides for; the establishment, maintenance, progressive development and periodical review of a national OSH system (national infrastructure including legal and institutional framework); and the formulation, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and periodical review of a national OSH programme comprising strategies and activities aimed at improving the OSH situation
  • Combating Forced Labour and Human trafficking in Zambia
    This project is supporting and complementing two other parallel projects: The first and major European Commission funded Euro 1.59 million project is being implemented jointly by ILO, UNICEF and IOM and is addressing the fundamental needs of institutional and human capacity building to combat trafficking of Zambians and other Nationalities. The second project is being implemented by the ILO SAP-FL and is basically supporting the analysis of available data on forced labour and providing the necessary information and knowledge base for better strategizing and planning of efforts to combat forced labour and trafficking. The availability of such information is also expected to facilitate and positively influence the expected outputs of the two other projects.
  • Tackling Child Labour through Education (TACKLE)
  • Women Entrepreneurship Development and Gender Equality (WEDGE)
  • HIV & AIDS in the Workplace
  • Social Protection
  • UN Joint Programme on Human Trafficking (UNJPHT)

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