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The Documentation Centre

The Dar es Salaam ILO Office Documentation Centre is a depository and a resource centre for ILO publications for the East Africa sub-region and stocks ILO and non-ILO publications of relevance to the world of work. The core collection of more than 4500 items of the centre include the International Labour Conference Reports, Governing Body papers, and ILO Conventions and recommendations. Handbooks, research reports and serial publications covering various subjects including: Labour and employment, human rights, social security, labour standards, education and training, working conditions, gender, child labour, HIV/AIDS at the workplace and many more form part of the collection. The centre caters for information needs of variety of stakeholders including the ILO Constituents, the academia, researchers, NGO’s, civil society, youth and the public in general.

The centre is part of the newly built ILO building located in the city centre, and is conveniently accessible by the ILO clientele as well as the general public. The centre maintains a WINISIS based bibliographic database which enhances optiomal retrieval and use of the centre’s resources accessible through all the office LAN workstations.

The ILO thesaurus, which provides a standard terminology for indexing and retrieving information on Labour, employment and the related fields is used as one of the main tools for the creation of the database.Services provided by the centre include:

  • Reference/reader services - whereby users do have access to search the library database as well as the other available information resources such as the ILOLEX - the database on International Labour Standards, and also browsing the ILO website on internet;
  • Sale of ILO publications - The library being a depository centre also promotes and processes orders for the ILO publications within the subregion. Other activities include translation and printing in Kiswahili some of the ILO publications for wider dissemination in the subregion and maintaining relations with the local media.

The centre intends to have its databases available through the Office website, which is under preparation, thus making it accessible to a wider public.

Available Information

The Centre is computerized and maintains bibliographical databases for handbooks, reports, journals and all other documents in the collection. The collection comprises over 5,000 documents. The following ILO databases are available on the ILO library general web site - they are also available on CDROM and/or computer diskettes for reference:

  • ILOLEX: A full-text trilingual database on national and international labour standards
  • NATLEX: A database on national legislation
  • LABORDOC: The ILO headquarters library database from 1965 to present
  • ASISTDOC: Bibliographical database on the ILO Advisory Support Information Services and Training for Labour Based Infrastructure Programmes (ASIST) project collection
  • OHS Encyclopaedia: Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety (4th edition) which provides comprehensive, timely, and accurate coverage of the core and allied fields encompassing occupational health and safety
  • And many more...

Reader Services

The users of the Centre include members of staff, Government officials, workers' and employers' organizations, academia, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) and the public at large. Searches on ILOLEX, NATLEX, LABORDOC, OHS encyclopaedia and the ILO website can also be conducted for clientele.

Technical Enquiry Services (TES)

The Centre responds to enquiries for technical information on various areas of ILO competency including: labour and employment policies, industrial relations, occupational health and safety, labour statistics, social security, international labour standards, social dialogue and tripartism, etc.

Enquiries are received through visits to the office, mail, electronic mail, facsimile, or telephone. The Office´s website can also be consulted for information.

Library opening hours and address

The library is open to visitors Monday through Thursday from 0730 - 1600 (except on official holidays),
and Friday from 0730 - 1330.

International Labour Organization Office Dar Es Salaam,
P. O. Box 9212
Dar es Salaam

Contact: Mr. Magnus Minja
Fax: +255.51.2126627


The ILO conducts research a range of issues in the ever changing world of work such as Employment, Labour Issues and Labour Law, Child Labour, Social Protection, Occupational Safety and Health, Gender Issues and Women at Work, Management and Training and Labour Statistics and publishes the results in the form of timely and authoritative publications, reports, training manuals, CD-ROMs, videos and e-books. ILO research contributes to enhancing public awareness on these issues. | Go to ILO Publications

ILO Dar es Salaam Publications

  • Confronting Economic Insecurity in Africa 2004
  • Utandawazi Wenye Haki (Kujenga Fursa Kwa Wote) 2005
  • Usalama na Afya katika migodi midogo iliyo sehemu ya juu ya ardhi
  • Safety & Health in Small-scale surface mines 2004 (ISBN 91-2-112475-4)
  • Start and Improve your waste collection service 2005
  • Employment Creation in Municipal Service Delivery - Improving living conditions and providing jobs for the poor - Report on the Intergrated Solid waste Management with an entrepreneurship perspective 2005
  • Strengthening labour Relations in East Africa - A training manual on labour inspection 2004
  • Strengthening labour Relations in East Africa - Subregional tripartite Training of trainers workshop 2004
  • Strengthening labour Relations in East Africa - a training manual on conciliation and mediation
  • Strengthening labour Relations in East Africa - A training manual on ILO Fundamental Standards and Principles of Freedom of Association
  • Strengthening labour Relations in East Africa - ILO/SLAREA Sub-Regional Workshop on ILO Conventions No. 87 and 98 (Report of the Meeting) 2004
  • Strengthening labour Relations in East Africa - A Training Manual on Labour Laws and Reform 2004
  • Strengthening labour Relations in East Africa - A Training Manual for Trade Union Organisers - 2004
  • Gender Mainstreaming Tools for Government, Employers' and Workers Organisations in Tanzania 2004
  • Strengthening labour Relations in East Africa - ILO/SLAREA Launching Ceremony and Tripartite Summit of Strengthening Labour Relations in East Africa(Report of the Meeting) 2004
  • Strengthening labour Relations in East Africa - A Training Manual on Collective Bargaining 2004
  • Strengthening labour Relations in East Africa - A Modernized Curriculum for the Labour Studies Programme for the National Social Welfare Training Institute (NSWTI) in Tanzania 2004
  • A Guide for Training women Economic Groups - Project for Promoting the Linkages between women's Employment and the Reduction of Child Labour 2003
  • Azimio la Utatu kuhusu Kanuni za Makampuni ya Biashara ya Kimataifa na sera ya kijamii (Tripartite declaration of Principles concerning multinational enterprises and social policy) 2003
  • Informal Sector Roadmap Study for Tanzania 2004
  • Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management System (Kiswahili version) 2005
  • Mwongozo wa Shirika la Kazi Duniani na Shirika la Afya Duniani kuhusu huduma za Afya na VVU/UKIMWI 2005 (Joint ILO/WHO guidelines on health services and HIV/AIDS 2005)
  • Emerging Good practices on Action to Combat Child Domestic labour in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia 2006
  • Kitabu cha Mafunzo cha vyama vya Ushirika wa kuweka na kukopa vinavyozingatia mahitaji ya jinsia katika Uchumi usio rasmi na vijijini, Tanzania (SACCOS Training Guide) 2006
  • Key Gender, Poverty and Employment Dimensions of Agricultural and Rural Development in Uganda: A case study of Bushenyi and Mpigi Districts 2005 Background, Major Achievements and list of Reports

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