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Reform in the ILO

On these pages, you will be able to discover more about the background of the Reform, as well as all the latest information on our progress.

Why do we need an ILO Reform?

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The ILO Reform seeks to review our structure and the way we work and determine how we can best serve our constituents within the context of today's economically constrained and rapidly changing world.

Our approach to the Reform

The ILO Reform is our response to the changing world around us. It aims to ensure that we have the support and resources we need to fully tackle today's most complex and crucial issues and have the impact on the world that we all desire.

Our Reform is taking place through several areas of activity. Each of which, through a participatory approach, is looking into the effectiveness of our structure, people and processes and where and how we could be better.

How we are driving change together

To understand how we can evolve to meet the needs of our Constituents today, several internal Reform Activity teams are focusing on key priority areas to review current practices, seek staff views and ideas, and proposing new ways we can work together with greater effect.

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