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Global Extension of Social Security

Global Extension of Social Security

Videos & interviews

    • October 2011

      • A Social Protection Floor for All -
        27 October 2011 - The Social Protection Floor aimes to give everyone access to basic social rights, services and facilities. and is even more urgent during times of economic crisis. The United Nations has launched a global initiative, led by the ILO and the WHO, to promote social protection for all. Several countries are already taking the steps to make it happen, and are proving it can work, even in tough economic times.
      • March 2011

        • Michelle Bachelet on social protection floors as a response to demands for social justice -
          21 March 2011 - Mrs Michelle Bachelet, Chairperson of the Social Protection Floor Advisory Group and Executive Director of UN Women, discusses how the implementation of social protection floors can offer an effective response to the increasing demands for social justice in many countries. Mrs Bachelet was the key speaker during a workshop organized at the International Labour Office about the Social Protection Floor (SPF). She was also in Geneva to chair the second meeting of the Social Protection Floor Advisory Group.
        • February 2011

          • What Does Social Justice Mean to YOU?
            21 February 2011 - Featuring eminent voices from Kofi Annan to Shakira, this video asks what is social justice and what does it mean for people the world over.

          • November 2011

            • Global South-South Development Expo,
              22 November 2010 - Opening Ceremony and High-Level Panel.

            • Global South-South Development Expo,
              25 November 2010 - South-South Cooperation and Social Protection.

            • Social Protection: An Interview with the ILO's Social Security Director, Michael Cichon
              16 November 2010 - With the launch of the ILO's World Social Security Report 2010, ILO TV interviews Michael Cichon, Director of the ILO Social Security Department. The report examines the current state of social security across the world and the positive impact that a social protection floor can have as a social and economic stabilizer, particularly in times of crisis. Michael Cichon argues that all countries can put some basic social protection measures in place. 'We have a saying in the social security department: there is nobody too poor to share,' he says.
            • October 2010

            • August 2010

              • Social Protection Floor For All: An Interview with Her Excellency, Michelle Bachelet
                13 August 2010 - Recognizing the importance of ensuring social protection for all, the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (UNCEB) adopted, in April 2009,the Social Protection Floor initiative, as one of the nine UN joint initiatives to cope with the effects of the economic crisis. This initiative is co-led by the International Labour Office and the World Health Organization. ILO TV interviews Her Excellency, Ms Michelle Bachelet, former President of Chile and chairperson of the initiative's Social Protection Floor Advisory Group, which met for the first time August 11 and 12 at the ILO in Geneva.

              • Empowering People Through Social Protection
                20 August 2010 - ILO TV interviews Aurelio Fernández López, Chair of the European Union Social Protection Committee.

              • Achieving the Millennium Development Goals with Social Protection
                20 August 2010 - ILO TV interviews Eveline Herfkens, Founder of the MDGs Campaign, and Executive Coordinator for the MDGs Campaign from 2002-2008.

              • Social Protection: An Investment in Society
                20 August 2010 - ILO TV interviews Kemal Derviş, Vice-Chair of the Brookings Institution and Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme from 2005-2009.

              • A Rights-based Approach to Social Protection
                20 August 2010 - ILO TV interviews Margaret Wilson, Professor of Law and Public Policy, University of Waikato and former Minister of Labour in New Zealand.

              • Social Protection in India
                20 August 2010 - ILO TV interviews Sudha Pillai, Secretary of the Planning Commission of India and former Secretary of Labour and Employment.

              • Social Protection in Europe
                20 August 2010 - ILO TV interviews Martin Hirsch, former High Commissioner for Active Solidarities against Poverty and for Young People of France and former head of Emmaüs.

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