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BAREFOOT Research: A Worker's Manual for Organising On Work Security
Margaret Keith, James Brophy, Peter Kirby, Ellen Rosskam, 2002

Section 1 {Size: 1,031KB}
Why Barefoot Research?
  • Aims of the manual
  • Who is this manual for?
  • Benefits of Barefoot Research: Everyone wins
  • Why work security?
  • Costs of work-related accidents and diseases
  • Limitations of “scientific” study
Section 2(1) {Size: 927KB}
Tools for Barefoot Research
  • Define your goals
  • Inspections by workers
  • Surveys
  • Small group discussions
Section 2(2) {Size: 2,500KB}
  • Mapping
  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • Using and interpreting information
Section 3(1) {Size: 1,243KB}
Taking Action
  • Using and sharing the results of Barefoot Research
  • Agreeing on action with workers
  • Getting things done: careful preparation; negotiating with management; joint labour-management health and safety committee; collective agreements; grievance and disputes procedures; building support outside the workplace
  • Gaining a voice
Section 3(2) {Size: 504KB}
Taking Barefoot Research Further

Section 4 {Size: 481KB}
References, Resources and Further Reading

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