Seven forms of security for Decent Work


Labour market security: Adequate employment and work opportunities, through high levels of employment ensured by macro-economic policy.

Employment security: Protection against arbitrary dismissal, and employment stability compatible with economic dynamism.

Work security (Occupational health and safety): Protection against accidents and illness at work, through safety and health regulations, regulated limits on working time, unsociable hours, and a reduction in stress at work.

Job security: A niche designated as an occupation or "career", the opportunity to develop a sense of occupation.

Skill reproduction security: Widespread opportunities to gain and retain skills, through innovative means as well as apprenticeships and employment training.

Income security: Provision of adequate incomes.

Representation security: Protection of collective voice in the labour market, through independent trade unions and employer associations and other bodies able to represent the interests of workers and working communities.


Updated by LD. Approved by GS. Last update: 25 February 2002.