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Informal conflict resolution services  
Conflict is natural; neither positive nor negative, it just is. . . .It is not whether you have conflict in your life. It's what you do with that conflict that makes a difference.
"The Magic of Conflict", Thomas F. Crum

Conflict is everywhere. At the ILO, conflict arises between
  • colleagues,
  • managers and their staff,
  • staff and the Administration.

Many workplace conflicts are damaging in terms of wasted time and money, mental health, lost resources, physical illness, and the decline of collegial and organisational trust.

But conflict can also be constructive in promoting communication, joint problem-solving and positive change for all involved.

Too often, we talk with officials who are experiencing conflict two, three or more years from the time the conflict first emerged.

The chance of successfully resolving workplace conflict is much greater with early, informal help.

To contact the Mediator's Office
Phone: +41 (0) 22 799 7270
In person: Room M2-89 at ILO headquarters in Geneva
By mail:
Office of the Mediator
International Labour Office
4, route des Morillons
1211 Geneva 22 - Switzerland

The Office of the Mediator provides informal and confidential help to put parties on the road to positive outcomes through:
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Last update: 1 February 2005