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Informal conflict resolution
Resolving problems
Seeking assistance
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Seeking assistance  

You can get support from:

  • A third party
  • A facilitator
  • The Mediator

A facilitator

There is a pool of trained facilitators at headquarters and in the regions. The list of facilitators can be obtained from the Mediator's Office and is also available on the intranet.

There is no restriction on which facilitator you can approach. You can choose a facilitator in any department in headquarters or in any duty station (although if you choose sombody in another duty station this may mean that the process will take longer).

The facilitator's job is to listen and to jointly explore options to resolve the problem. One of these options may be to facilitate dialogue between the people affected by the problem. They do not pass judgement or take sides. Facilitators will not make any recommendations or take any other actions.

It is again stressed that discussions with a facilitator and facilitated dialogues between parties are strictly confidential and no records are maintained.

The Mediator

The office has a full-time Mediator. You can ask the Mediator to assist you with any workplace problem. The mediator is completely independent and, like the facilitators, works on a striictly neutral and confidential basis. The Mediator listens and explores with the staff member different options for the resolution of the problem. If requested, the Mediator will facilitate a dialogue with the relevant party or parties through which a resolution satisfactory to all can be agreed.

The Mediator is available for continued support even after a specific problem has been resolved. The Mediator may also refer you to relevant support services, where appropriate (e.g. the Health Services Unit, the Staff Welfare Office).

The Mediator has no decision-making powers. All the proceedings of the Mediator are strictly confidential and no records are kept.

To contact the Mediator's Office
Phone: +41 (0) 22 799 7270
In person: Room M2-89 at ILO headquarters in Geneva
By mail:
Office of the Mediator
International Labour Office
4, route des Morillons
1211 Geneva 22 - Switzerland
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Last update: 1 February 2005