ILERA Study Groups

Re-engineering Labour Administration

Dr. Guiseppe CASALE
Labour Administration and Inspection Programme
International Labour Office
1211 Geneva 22
Tel.: +41 22 799 6861
Fax: +41 22 799 8749

19, Rue du Grand Pré
1202 Geneva 22
Tel.: +41 22 788-4694

This study group will look at the concept of labour administration. It will examine national labour policies; coordinated systems; participation of management and their respective organizations; appropriate human, financial and material resources for effective and efficient service.

It will study basic functions of labour administration, most notably:

  • Labour inspection
  • Labour relations
  • Labour Market Policies
  • The extension of labour administration services to include the informal economy

The following questions will be addressed:

  • What are Labour Ministries doing to achieve decent work through good governance of the labour market?
  • What are the various mechanisms and processes in the reengineering of labour administration to promote decent work?
  • How are workers and their organizations contributing towards successful and responsible labour administration services and practices?

An invitation is open to all academics and practitioners to join this ILERA study group.