ILERA Publications Series - Second edtion

After the call for proposals for the second issue of the ILERA publications' series, the Committee of Editors under the leadership of Prof. Dong-One Kim (Korea University, Korea), President of ILERA, received and analyzed 11 proposals and decided to chose the proposal of Prof Guy Mundlak of the Tel-Aviv University on Organizing Members in "Hybrid Systems": A Comparative Study. The study he proposes will seek to understand the consequences of the legitimacy gap for trade unions’ revitalization in hybrid systems from the trade unions’ perspective. Four countries will serve as case studies for the study – Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Israel.

The first issue of the series Trade Unions, Immigration and Immigrants in Europe in the 21th Century: New Approahes under Changed Conditions by Stefania Marino, Rinus Penninx and Judith Roosblad will be published in 2017 by the International Labour Office.

The International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) was established in 1966 and its general purpose is to promote the study of labour and employment relations throughout the world in the relevant academic disciplines, by such means as:

  • encouraging the establishment and development of national associations of industrial relations specialists;
  • facilitating the spread of information about significant developments in research and education in the field of industrial relations;
  • organising worldwide and regional congresses;
  • and promoting internationally planned research, by organising study groups on particular topics.

Today the Association has over 1,000 members worldwide including prominent industrial relations scholars and practitioners and 34 national associations and 1 regional association who together form the ILERA Council.

An ILERA World Congress is convened every 3 years, where professionals interested in all aspects of labour and employment relations meet to share ideas about new developments, ideas and practices in the field. The last ILERA World Congress took place in Cape Town, South Africa from 7 to 11 September 2015 and the next one will be helt in Korea in 2018.

ILERA also organizes, through its national affiliates, regional congresses. In 2016, the 11th European Regional Congress took place in Milan, Italy from 8 to 10 September and the 9th Asian Regional Congress took place in Beijing, China from 1 to 3 November 2016.

The aim of the ILERA is of a purely scientific character, without regard to political, philosophic or religious considerations. The Association does not endorse opinions on policy questions.

The secretariat of the association is located in the Department of Governance and Tripartism of the International Labour Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

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