Study Groups

The ILERA has the following study groups. To become a member of a study group please contact the coordinator(s) directly.

Industrial Relations as a field and Industrial Relations theory

Coordinators: Prof Bruce Kaufman, Prof John Kelly and Prof Peter Ackers

Gender and Employment

Coordinators: Prof Marian Baird, Prof Anne-Marie Green and Dr Gill Kirton

Workers' Participation

Coordinator: Prof Ray Markey

Public Policy and Industrial Relations

Coordinators: Prof Serafino Negrelli and Prof Anil Verma

Flexible Work Patterns

Coordinators: Dr Clare Kelliher, Prof Richard Croucher and Prof Christine Edwards

Future of Trade Unionism

Coordinators: Dr Timo Kauppinen

Human Resource Management

Coordinators: Prof Stefan Zagelmeyer and Prof Mark J.Smith

This study group will meet during the 18th World Congress in Seoul in July 2018. Call for Papers: "Global Value Chains and Labour Standards: Implications for Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management"

Research Methods in Industrial Relations

Coordinators: Prof Diana Kelly and Prof Keith Whitfield

Industrial Relations in the Public Sector

Coordinators: Prof Stephen Bach and Prof Lorenzo Bordogna

Migration, with a specific focus on Labour Migration

Coordinators: Prof Marius Olivier, Prof Avinash Govindjee, Prof Pablo Arellano Ortiz, Prof Evance Kalula and
Prof Gijsbert Vonk

Social Protection

Coordinators: Prof Avinash Govindjee, Prof Marius Olivier, Prof Pablo Arellano Ortiz, Prof Evance Kalula and
Prof Gijsbert Vonk

Labour Adjudication, Arbitration & Mediation

Coordinators: The Chair of the International Studies Committee of the National Academy of Arbitrators. Current Chair: Christopher Albertyn