Future of Trade Unionism


The study group on the Future of Trade Unionism began its activities in the liRA European Regional Conference in Helsinki 1994. Since then, the group members have met and presented papers at the liRA Conferences. In the lIRA World Congress in Bologna 1998, the group published then a very actual book on The Impact of EMU on Industrial Relations in European Union. Since that we have been following decentralisation of collective bargaining and lowering union membership numbers in many conferences. In the Sydney 2009 study group started discussion on industrial relations foresight. How industrial relations would look like in 2025? What would be situation in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, South Africa, U.S. and in the European Union 27 Member Countries? The purpose of the analysis is to have better tmderstanding on global trends in industrial relations. What will be development in unionisation, collective bargaining content and negotiation levels? How worker participation is developing and what might be the future of industrial conflicts?