World Congresses

Eight IIRA World Congress

President IIRA: Roger Blanpain


Chairperson: Maxime Stroobant. Rapporteur: Hoyt Wheeler

  • Labour market flexibility and new employment patterns: The U.S. case in a comparative framework by Everett Kassalow
  • Labour market flexibility and new employment patterns in Japan by Kazutoshi Koshiro
  • Flexibilidad laboral y contractos de trabajo: Tendencias recientes en Europa Occidental por Antonio Ojeda Avilés
  • Developments of working time patterns and flexibility in Western Europe by Tiziano Treu
  • Development of pay level patterns and flexibility in Western Europe by David Marsden
  • Job flexibility: Some international comparisons and hypotheses about the dynamics of work organisation by Greg Bamber
  • Employment protection and flexibility in Western Europe by Willem Dercksen
  • Labour market flexibility and employment patterns in the Soviet Union by Hans-Erich Gramatzki


Chairperson: Silvana Sciarra. Rapporteur: Jacques Rojot

  • Structural change and industrial relations: The U.K. case, by P.B. Beaumont
  • A comparative view of U.S. and Canadian industrial relations: A strategic choice perspective, by Thomas A. Kochan and Anil Verma
  • Structural change and industrial relations: Australia, by John Niland and Keri Spooner
  • Structural change and industrial relations in Japan, by Haruo Shimada
  • Structural change and industrial relations in the Federal Republic of Germany, by Manfred Weiss
  • The coming divergence in Dutch industrial relations, by Jelle Visser


Chairperson: Pang Eng Fong. Rapporteur: William Brown

  • Aspirations and expectations of migrants, by Peter
  • Changes in labour relations and the new labour force in U.S. productive systems by Charles Craypo
  • Négociation collective et mouvements ecoliomiques, par François Eyraud
  • Aspirations and expectations of a new labour force in Israel: Possible implications for industrial relations, by Amira Galin
  • Labour Law and the new workforce, by Bob Hepple
  • White collar workers and human resource management: A study of computer software workers in Japan by Michio Nitta
  • Les aspirations à la sécurité d'emploi des travailleurs de la construction en Québec, par Jean Sexton.


Chairperson: Arturo Hoyos. Rapporteur: Ruth Ben-Israel

  • Affirmative action/Employment equity and visible minorities in Canada, by Harish C. Jain
  • Légalité professionnelle en France : L'effectivite du Droit, par Claude Piganiol.
  • International Labour Standards: The case of equal pay - ILO perspective, by Werner Blenk and Jacqueline Ancel Lenners .
  • International Labour Standards: The case of equal pay - European Community perspective, by Eve Landau
  • Equity and equality of treatment: From equal pay to equal value: Myth or reality? by Jane Stackpool Moore
  • Equal pay and equal opportunity issues in Japan, by Hiromasa Suzuki
  • Parental rights and employment flexibility. One step forward or two steps backward? - Sweden, by Elisabet Nasman and Eva Falkenberg
  • Parental rights and employment flexibility. One step forward or two steps backward? - The Netherlands, by Helen M. Hootsmans .


Chairperson: Ukandi Damchi. Rapporteur: Roy Adams

  • The role of the State as corporate actor in industrial relations systems by Berndt K. Keller: Management and industrial relations by David Plowman
  • Recent trends in industrial relations studies and theory by Mark Thompson
  • The comparative analysis of union growth by George Bain and Robert Price
  • Industrial relations in Eastern Europe - Recent developments and trends by Lajos Hethy
  • Recent trends in industrial relations research and theory in developing countries by Tayo Fashoyin
  • John R. Commons and the Western industrial relations tradition by Jack Barbash
  • Dunlop's Industrial Relations Systems after three decades by Noah Meltz.


  • ADDISON, Prof. John T., The impact of advance notice of job displacement on unemployment and earnings
  • ADEMOLA KOLAWOLE, John, Participation of senior staff in Nigerian trade unionism: Features and problems
  • ADEWUMI, Dr. Funmi, Aspirations and expectations of labour in a post-colonial State: The case of Nigeria
  • AKHILESH, Dr. K.B., Technological change in certain Indian companies - Management initiatives and trade union response
  • ALEXANDER, Prof. Joseph, Divergent European Community unionism: A threat to single market unification?
  • ANDIAPPAN, P., SOLOMON, N. and FESTARINI, R., Discrimination against the disabled in employment: A review of legislative protections in Canada and the U.S.A. BARBAGELATA, Profesor Hector-Hugo, Los limites de la flexibilidad del mercado de trabajo y de los nuevos modelos de empleo
  • BELEN, Miss Esra, Vocational and technical training in Turkey BENIGNI, Laura, MENNITI, Adele and PALOMBA, Rossella, Italian women in research: Work and family organisation
  • BERENBROEK, Bon, Trends in the internal structure of trade unions in West Germany and the Netherlands after the Second World War
  • BROOKS, Assoc. Prof. Adrian, Equity and equality of treatment in employment in Australia
  • BROOKS, Prof. B.T., Labour market flexibility and new employment patterns in Australia
  • BROWN, Alan, Industrial relations in transition: The Australian case
  • BULA ESCOBAR, German, Concertaci6n trilateral: Sus multiples relaciones
  • CHOURAQUI, Alain, Negociation, participation, decentralisation Pour reguler la complexite, la diversite et le mouvement
  • CLASON, Dr. Christine E., Challenge for family policy: From child care facilities for working mothers to integration of children in the world outside the family
  • DAVIS, Prof. Ed., Australian new unionism
  • DAVIS, Edward M. and LANSBURY, Russell D., Industrial democracy in the Australian public sector: A study of consultative councils in Qantas Airways Ltd. and Telecom Australia
  • DEL MUNDO, Cesar, Productivity-based wages. The Philippines answer
  • DELSEN, Lei, Flexible labour contracts: The employers' perspective
  • DIJCK, J. van, NAGELKERTE, A. and NIJS, W. de, Erosion and innovation in industrial democracy in Europe
  • DOS SANTOS SOARES, Angelo, Brazilian data-entry clerks and VDU use DUFTY, N.F. and FELLS, R.E., A note on industrial relations theories and a suggested approach based on the employment relationship
  • EDWARDS, P.K., Theory in industrial relations: The case of workplace relations and industrial conflict
  • FLOREK, Prof. Dr. Ludwik, Problems and contradictions of industrial relations in the Socialist countries
  • GARCIA MURCIA, Joaquin, Principio de igualdad y negotiation colectiva
  • GOETSCHY, Janine, L'histoire des evolutions de la negotiation collective en Suede : Etude d'une trajectoire de renouvellement des theories des relations industrielles
  • GURDON, Michael A., The 1976 Co-determination Act: Positive or negative economic effects for German firms?
  • GUTAMA, Dawit, Industrial relations in Ethiopia
  • HARBRIDGE, Raymond and MCCAW Stuart, Wage flexibility in registered collective settlements in New Zealand
  • HEMALATHA, Mrs. B. and STANLEY, Dr. B. Joseph, Labour-management relations of mediaeval times in the temple administration of mediaeval India (A studyof Hindu temples of mediaeval Northern Andhra)
  • HERMAN, E. Edward, An evaluation of grievance mediation as a conflict resolution process for academicians
  • HOYOS, Prof. Arturo, Job equity in Panama
  • HUISKAMP, Dr. Rien J., Company strategy and the (re)design of industrial relations: Some case studies in the Netherlands
  • INGEBRIGTSEN, Bente, Trade union policy on combining work and family responsibilities
  • JECCHINIS, Chris and PAPAVASSILIOU, Michael, The role of the working environment in productivity improvements: The Greek experience
  • JOSEPH, Dr. Jerome, Worker ownership and self-management as turnaround strategy
  • KAUPPINEN, Timo, Organisational flexibility and trade unions.
  • KNUDSEN, Herman, The impact of technological changes on industrial relations - A case study
  • KULKARNI, Dr. R.S., Injunctions and labour rights
  • LEEMPUT, Jim van, Does Belgium fit into the categories? The influence of political factors on strikes in Belgium
  • LEFTWICH, Howard M., Optimality in public sector dispute resolution systems: Compatibilities and conflicts in objectives and characteristics
  • LEGGETT, Chris, Singapore's NTUC and the management of compliance
  • LEME FLEURY, Maria Tereza, The impact of information technologies on qualification and management policies
  • LEQUIN, Dr. Jacques Andre, Dealing with discrimination in Canada: What some courts had to say
  • MATANMI, Dr. Segun, Labour survival strategies in a period of structural adjustment: The Nigerian experience
  • MIRANDA DE SIQUEIRA, Moema, Working conditions: An analysis model and a new role for the manager
  • MITCHELL, Prof. Daniel J.B. and ZAIDI, Prof. Mahmood A., Macroeconomic developments and the US human resource and industrial relations system in the 1980s
  • MIYAN, Dr. M. Alimullah, Industrial relations in the emerging garment industry of Bangladesh
  • MOHANTY, Dr. P.K., Recent trends in the industrial relations scene in India
  • MORISETTE, Pierre-Paul, La convention collective etendue par voie de decret au Quebec, Canada
  • MURTHY, Dr. R. Krishna, Recent trends in industrial relations: The Indian experience
  • MUSA, Dr. E.A., Structural economic changes and industrial relations strategies in Sudan during 1978-88: A critical review
  • MUSA, Dr. Khidir Ali, The response of industrial relations to economic structural changes in a developing economy: The case of the Sudan
  • NANDAKUMAR, Dr. P. and VIJAYAN, Dr. P., Towards self-management in unions - An Indian case study
  • OFORI-DANKWA, Dr. Joseph, The changing roles of trade unions in Ghana: A contingency approach
  • OJELI, Dr. David C., Structural adjustment programme and industrial relations in Nigeria
  • OLIVEIRA LOPES MELO, de, Marlene Catarina, Proposals for the analysis of work relations
  • PELLEGRINI, Claudio, Collective bargaining in the construction industry: An international comparison among six European countries
  • RAINVILLE, Jean-Marie, Gestion participative et conflit industriel
  • REYNOSO CASTILLO, Prof. Carlos, Las relaciones laborales en Mexico: La crisis de un sistema
  • ROBERTS, Jr., Higdon C., Union perspectives on shortcomings of U.S. grievance arbitration procedures
  • SATYA RAJU, Dr. R., Need for equity and equality of treatment in employment in the informal sector
  • SEGALLA, Michael, Extending the macroeconomic model of strike behaviour to developing countries
  • SHIMADA, Prof. Haruo, Structural change and industrial relations strategies in Japan
  • SIBANDA, Arnold Elson, State and industrial relations in developing countries: Zimbabwe
  • SOWINSKI, Roman Z., Projets des changements des droits des travailleurs et des relations du travail en Pologne
  • STARK, Harry F., Dynamic technological environments: Perspectives and consequences
  • SULLIVAN, Terry and BOTTOMLEY, Paul, Managerial pay and firm performance
  • SWIATKOWSKI, Dr. Andrzej, Recent trends in industrial relations in Poland: Toward loosening up labour regulations
  • TEODOSIO, Asst. Prof. Virginia A., In search of working class consciousness: State corporatism and media workers in the Philippines
  • TETTEH, Nii Lartey-Ayi, Structural change and industrial relations strategies: The African experience/perspective
  • TEULINGS, Prof. Dr. Ad, Renovating trade union strategies and structures
  • TEWARI, Prof. Dr. R.N., Technological change and future industrial relations
  • TORRENCE, William D. and PIGANIOL, Claude, Industrial relations strategies for survival: Steel enterprises in the United States and France/Les strategies des partenaires sociaux en vue de survivre: Des entreprises siderurgiques aux Etats-Unis et en France
  • VENKATA RATNAM, Dr. C.S., Strategic choice framework in Indian industrial relations
  • WALSH, Dr. P.J., From arbitration to bargaining: The reshaping of industrial relations in New Zealand
  • WAY, Philip K., U.S. labor market flexibility: The growth of temporary employment
  • WORLAND, David and ANDERSON, Ray H., Disclosure of human resources information by Australian companies in annual reports
  • ZEYTINOGLU, Isik Urla, Flexibility and the academic world: Part-time faculty in Canadian universities
  • ZWAAN, A.H. van der, Innovation and labour process engineering