Regional Congresses

4th IIRA African Regional Congress, Mauritius, 28-30 November 2005

Title: A New Vision of Industrial Relations for Africa: Harmonising Social and Economic Strategies in a Globalising World.

Track 1: Labour Market Reforms: Reconciling Flexibility and Workers' Aspirations


  • Labour Market Reforms: Elements for an African Model
  • Meeting the Challenges of Globalisation: National Experience
  • Globalisation and Trade unions

Track 2: Harmonizing African Cultural Heritage for Social Dialogue and Regional Integration


  • Social Dialogue in the Development Context

Track 3: Beyond Formal Labour Relations: The Challenge of the Informal Economy


  • National Experience
  • Employment Relations and Partnerships in Informal Sector
  • Social Protection in the Informal Sector

Track 4: Building Social Protection Systems and the Threat of HIV/AIDS and Other Barriers in the Workplace


  • The Role on Gender, Class and Disability in the Building of Social Protection
  • HIV/AIDS in the Workplace and Social Protection