Executive committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is limited to a maximum of 16 persons, including ex officio, the President, his/her immediate predecessor, the President-elect and the Secretary-General of the ILERA, representatives of each of the 4 regions and one high-level International Labour Office staff member. The EC is responsible for determining the programme of the Association. Members serve a 3-year term of office and may be re-elected for a further 3 year period once. The role of EC members is to act as focal point(s) in their specific regions. You may contact them directly, if you have any questions concerning the functioning or the activities of ILERA. The current members of the Executive Committee are:


Mr Frikkie De Bruin
General Secretary - Public Service
Coordinating Bargaining Council
South Africa
E-mail: frikkie@pscbc.org.za

Prof Olusegun O. Matanmi
Dept of Industrial relations and Personnel Management
Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS)
Lagos State University, Nigeria
E-mail: dmatanmi@yahoo.com


Prof Mark Anner
Associate Professor - Labor and Employment Relations, and Political Science
Center Director – Center for Global Workers’ Rights
Pennsylvania State University (United States)
E-mail: msa10@psu.edu

Prof Eleonora Peliza
Judge - Judicial Branch of the Province of Buenos Aires
University Professor (Argentina)
E-mail: ele_wsalem@hotmail.com

Prof Johanna Weststar
Associate Professor - Department of Management and Organizational Studies
University of Western Ontario University
Adjunct Professor - Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Science
Western University (Canada)
E-mail: weststar@uwo.ca


Prof Rae Cooper
Associate Dean (Programs)
Professor of Gender, Work and Employment Relations
The University of Sydney (Australia)
E-mail: rae.cooper@sydney.edu.au

Dr Changwon Lee
Senior Research Fellow
Korea Labor Institute (Republic of Korea)
E-mail: cwlee@kli.re.kr

Prof. Xiangquan Zeng
Dean, School of Labor and Human Resources
Renmin University of China
The People’s Republic of China
E-mail: zengxq@ruc.edu.cn


Prof Barbara Bechter
Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management
Durham University Business School
Durham University (United Kingdom)
E-mail: barbara.bechter@durham.ac.uk

Oscar Molina Romo
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)
E-mail: Oscar.Molina@uab.cat

Dr. Martin Behrens
WSI in der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung
E-mail: Martin-behrens@boeckler.de


Ms Susan Hayter
Sr Technical Advisor, Future of Work, DDG/P
International Labour Office
Geneva, Switzerland
E-mail: hayter@ilo.org

Previous Executive Committee members