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Liberia Grant Winners

(click to enlarge)Organization: Better Future Foundation (BFF)

Project: Brick Making Project

Grant: $26,159

In a nutshell: BFF wants to introduce a cheaper option to cement bricks and create new jobs for youth in Monteserrado county.

The Idea: BFF proposes to train youth in the production of red clay bricks. The bricks have been tested by BFF and a are a good substitute to the standard concrete block most commonly used in Liberia. The beneficiaries will receive on the job training in making these red clay bricks and then be employed by the project.

Impact: The project will train and employ 23 youth. Should the pilot phase of the project be successful then BFF will employ the youth full time and try to further expand the project.   

dOrganization: Youth Action International (YAI)

Project: Center for Women’s Empowerment

Grant: $40,598

In a nutshell:  Provide a training center for disadvantaged young women which will combine counseling and vocational training.

The Idea: YAI has developed a Women’s Empowerment curriculum in consultation with a group of top universities including the likes of Harvard University. The multi disciplinary program combines counseling, life skills and vocational training. YAI’s training will teach young women skills in one of four areas: jewelry manufacture, shoe production, synthetic hair manufacturing and tie dying.

Impact:  YAI will train 300 young women at their center. He products produced by these young women will be marketed internationally. The young women will be assisted to form cooperatives with their peers and receive microloans to start their enterprises.  

dOrganization: iEARN

Project: Creative Arts for Sustainable Empowerment

Grant: $5,834

In a nutshell:   Develop highly specialized Graphic and Fine Arts skills among deprived youth.

The Idea: Youth from a slum in Monrovia will acquire the creative skills to produce portraits, murals and graphic signs for commercial sale.

Impact:  20 disadvantaged youth will receive training as well as a starter kit upon completion of their training course. IEARN will also assist the youth to secure contracts in various commercial projects.

dOrganization: Youth Education Foundation Initiative (YEFI)

Project: Job Shop

Grant: $48,779

In a nutshell:  Creation of a professional and credible clearing house for available jobs, matching job opportunities with suitably qualified candidates.

The Idea: YEFI will create a database of jobs and well trained candidates. The organization will offer well qualified graduates candidates complementary training in life skills, job search skills, computer literacy and basic management. YEFI will then market their trainees and provide them with 3 month paid placements and assist them in securing long term employment.

Impact:  YEFI’s pilot Job Shop will begin with a group of 30 youth. YEFI hopes to establish themselves as a credible supplier of qualified candidates amongst employers so as to be able to continue to place students after the first year.


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