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Benefits and commitments

The Lead Country Network is based on a close collaboration between the YEN Secretariat and the individual members of the Lead Country Network. Lead Countries commit themselves voluntarily to deliver a number of commitments. These commitments circle around an active participation in a Benchmarking Exercise that seeks the promotion of informed policymaking for youth employment. In exchange they receive a number of benefits from YEN. These benefits and commitments are displayed below:

Benefits for YEN Lead Countries Commitments of YEN Lead Countries
Technical assistance in the development of youth employment initiatives with a focus on monitoring and evaluation Annual reporting on youth labour market indicators and policy and institutional achievements
Capacity-building on how to engage youth in national youth employment initiatives Sharing key youth employment documents with other Lead Countries and the YEN
Secretariat at annual Lead Country meetings
Support in devising fund-raising strategies for youth employment programs Identifying responsible agency or department for national youth employment initiatives and name a technical YEN focal person
Access to experiences and good practices from other countries Developing action plans and other significant and strategic initiatives to mainstream youth
employment at the national level


Implications of Non-Compliance

The framework of benefits and commitments intends to ensure that the collaboration between the YEN Secretariat and Lead Countries is contributing to improve the situation of youth in a country. Lead Countries that do not comply with their commitments will have to face sanctions and eventually lose their status as Lead Country.
The sanction scheme will follow the subsequent timeframe:

1. If a Lead Country fails to live up to its commitment to report annually on youth labor market indicators and policy and institutional achievements, it will be notified after the deadline for reporting has passed. In this notification the YEN Secretariat will provide a two-month extension for submitting the reports.

2. If the Lead Country misses the second deadline, the Secretariat will study the circumstances and may consider an additional two-month extension.

3. If the Lead Country is not entitled to or misses the third deadline, it will lose its Lead Country status and will have to reapply for it.

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