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The Steering Committee of the YEN consists of the three senior management representatives of YEN’s core agency partners plus the Manager of the YEN Secretariat. The Steering Commitee guides and supervises the activities of the YEN secretariat.  It meets two times per year.

Each agency has appointed a Focal Point who is responsible for the day-to-day working relationship with the YEN.

International Labour Organization

  • José Manuel Salazar Xirinachs, Executive Director, Employment Sector

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the tripartite UN agency that brings together Governments, employers and workers of its Member States in common action to promote decent work throughout the world. The ILO is actively engaged in promoting decent employment opportunities for youth in all facets of their work.

    The ILO's Youth Employment Programme (YEP) is an intra-departmental “umbrella” programme that coordinates ILO action on youth employment. It operates through a global network of technical specialists at its headquarters in Geneva and in more than 60 offices around the world. Its activities include advocacy and awareness raising for youth employment issues, broadening the knowledge base on youth employment, drafting and implementing strategies to promote youth employment, and coordinating the technical assistance work carried out by the ILO field offices and headquarters.

    Support from the ILO for YEN’s work has been instrumental to its success among its constituents at country level. In addition to the ILO hosting the YEN secretariat at its headquarters in Geneva, the ILO has worked in concert with the YEN in promoting and enhancing policy coherence on youth employment in YEN’s Lead Countries (see ILO’s Guide to the Development of NAPs).

    YEN’s focal point at the ILO:

    Gianna Rosas
    Youth Employment Programme Coordinator
    ILO – Employment sector
    +41 22 799 7019

    World Bank

    • Arup Banerj, Director, Social Protection and Labour

      The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. It believes that investing in the unprecedented “youth bulge” of today presents a substantial opportunity for mass poverty reduction.

      The World Bank’s work on youth is guided by the holistic framework for youth investment across its sectors outlined in the World Development Report 2007. A key outcome of the report is the call to increase investment in human capital especially young people with the goal of enhancing their employability and job opportunities. Leading the Bank’s work on the youth employment challenge is the Social Protection and Labour Sector along with the Unit on Children and Youth. The two are working together with the YEN to not only strengthen the evidence base for youth investment (see Global Inventory of Interventions to Support Young Workers) but also to facilitate the economic empowerment of disadvantaged youth. YEN is part of the World Bank’s Global Partnership on Youth Employment and Employability.

      YEN’s focal point at the World Bank:

      Wendy Cunningham
      Children and Youth Unit, Human Development Network
      The World Bank

      United Nations

      • Jean-Pierre Gonnot, Acting Director, Division for Social Policy and Development, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

        The United Nations aims to enhance awareness of the global situation of youth and of the rights and aspirations of young people by facilitating joint action of UN member states on the challenge of youth employment.

        UN Programme on Youth, situated within the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), works closely with the UN focal point for the YEN. The UN Programme on Youth is responsible for monitoring progress and constraints in addressing the objectives of the World Programme of Action for Youth which includes activities to promote youth employment. The Programme is also charged with playing a lead role in inter-agency consultations on youth development.

        The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on youth employment calling for the establishment of the YEN (A/RES/56/117) as well as two subsequent resolutions encouraging all UN Member States to prepare National Action Plans (NAPs) on youth employment (A/RES/57/165 and A/RES/58/133). The Secretary-General submitted a report on global analysis and evaluation of national action plans on youth employment to the 60th session of the General Assembly (A/60/133).  The expanded version of the report of the Secretary-General entitled “Review of Nations Actions Plans on Youth Employment“, prepared jointly by DESA and the YEN Secretariat was published in 2007.

        For more information on UN activities related to the Youth Employment Network, please contact the YEN's focal point:

        Sarangerel Erdembileg
        Social Affairs Officer
        UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs
        +1 (212) 963-4720

        Youth Employment Network

          SusanaSusana Puerto-Gonzalez, Officer-in-charge

          The YEN secretariat is the facilitating and coordinating arm of YEN with offices in Geneva and Dakar. The secretariat develops and disseminates communications and advocacy products to mobilize constituents internationally, as well as to support youth employment at national and local levels. It works with its core partners to develop monitoring and evaluation tools on youth employment; enhance private sector engagement; and develop strategies which directly benefit youth.


          YEN Secretariat Contact Details

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