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Reference material

Reference material produced by the Employment Intensive Investment Programme in the past can be downloaded in PDF format. Below some key documents of the EIIP are highlighted. Further reference material can be found regarding:

  • Three series of technical papers produced by the EIIP
  • General topics related to the employment intensive approach
  • Country specific reference material

These documents can be found by clicking on one of the topics in the menu on the right. Further reference material in Spanish and French is also available. For a more detailed search including all documents related to activities of the EIIP, produced by the EIIP as well as its partners, please visit the ASISTDOC publications database.For any questions, please contact the Employment Intensive Investment Programme at

Key EIIP documents

  • A global programme: Investing in employment for poverty reduction and local economic growth - A Programme document of the Employment-Intensive Investment Branch 2003-2007 - PDF 1,525 Kb
    ILO, 2003

    This document describes the Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) of the ILO, especially its main components for the period 2003-2007. The ILO's programmes related to employment are presented, with special emphasis on the use of employment intensive technologies in infrastructure, as well as modalities for lasting change. Furthermore it describes the partnerships of the EIIP with governments, employers' and workers' organisations, donors, development banks and other organisations in the promotion of the employment intensive approach.

  • Employment-Intensive Infrastructure Programmes: Labour policies and practices- PDF 2,133 Kb
    David Tajgman and Jan de Veen, 1998, ISBN 92-2-111034-630

    This guide presents the current experience on how labour issues are dealt with in employment-intensive infrastructure programmes. It provides guidance on how progress on working conditions and standards can be made with the involvement of the social partners. Separate sections contain advice for the government ministries responsible for civil works, labour and employment, workers` and employers` organizations.

    The guide is published by the Publications Department of the ILO, from which a printed version can be ordered. See also the short brochure on the guide: Decent working conditions in labour-based programmes: a hands-on development strategy - PDF 1,009 Kb

  • Employment-Intensive Infrastructure Programmes: Capacity building for contracting in the construction Sector - PDF 2,936 Kb
    Peter Bentall, Andreas Beusch and Jan de Veen, 1999, ISBN 92-2-111581-X35

    This comprehensive, easy-to-use guide describes how large scale labour-based infrastructure programmes, carried out by contract, should be developed. The practical guidelines presented in this book introduce cost-effective, employment-intensive approaches to infrastructure works while exploring how socio-economic objectives such as employment, conditions of work and labour standards can be integrated into private sector programmes of this nature.

    The guide is published by the Publications Department of the ILO, from which a printed version can be ordered.

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