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In Latin America there is no ASIST Programme as is the case in Africa and Asia. The Employment Intensive Investment Programme therefore works in this region through the Subregional Offices in the region.

A project entitled "Promotion of employment intensive technologies in public investments in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru" (RLA/97/M08/DAN) was approved under an ILO/DANIDA agreement. The project commenced its activities in January 1998, and concentrated initially on promoting the EIIP concept, familiarizing potential counterparts in the countries mentioned. It became clear that the degree of awareness and application differed substantially between the three countries. Whereas in Peru an employment intensive programme on rural road maintenance (Programa Caminos Rurales) already existed, with which the project connected itself, in Bolivia and Ecuador there had not been similar activities so far. The second priority of the project was to identify those areas of technical assistance where the project could provide an added value. This has culminated in various national, as well as sub-regional products.

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