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Capacity building

The primary objective of the Facility is to increase the availability of better insurance products for a greater number of low-income households. To this end, it works to increase the success of the endeavors of institutional microinsurance providers by improving their capacity and that of the individual practitioners who support them. The Facility undertakes three main types of capacity-building activities:

  • Training and curriculum development: The Facility organizes / co-organizes a set of training events each year on a range of microinsurance issues. It is now also developing training materials that reflect the latest innovations in microinsurance and will enable practitioners to learn from the successes and failures of those in the vanguard of the microinsurance sector. Implemented in three phases, it will create a comprehensive curriculum by combining existing and new materials and then packaging and delivering them to various audiences.
  • Professional development: For microinsurance practitioners, as well as current and prospective microinsurance consultants, the Facility offers a range of learning activities to those who meet the criteria for its support. The emphasis is on institutions and individuals who are based in developing countries and intend to contribute to the development of microinsurance in their regions over the long term. The learning activities include: workshops; access to mentors; fellowships and joint missions; and access to microinsurance tools and information.
  • Microinsurance project interventions: The Facility provides access to various capacity-building interventions that could help microinsurance projects improve their performance. These interventions include: access to the registry of consultants who can serve as mentors or provide advice; small grants to purchase external expertise; Fellows to help build capacity; workshops and other knowledge-exchange opportunities; and access to tools for developing and delivering microinsurance products.

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