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  • Dunga Fishermen Cooperative Society Ltd -Cage/Aqua culture development project
    The Dunga Cage/ Aquaculture Development Project aims at addressing the decline of fish production that has contributed extreme poverty and food insecurity along the Lake region. The project therefore tends to improve the living standards and social welfare of fishermen/women in Dunga fishing Community by providing opportunity to increase fish production and higher market profit through innovation of cage/ Aqua culture intervention. It also aims at creating job opportunities both direct and interact within the fish landing fatality.
  • Equator Product Ltd -Strengthening smallholders’ producer organizations and export supply chains in Coastal Kenya - (pdf file 700kb)
    Equator Products Ltd is an export company registered in Kenya since 2004. It specialises in production, processing and export of horticulture products (currently premium quality ABE chillies) that offer export market opportunities for smallholders and contribute to income and employment generation for rural poor households. Coastal Kenya is characterised by high incidences of poverty, low agricultural productivity and inadequate market infrastructure for domestic and export markets. Initiatives to support the smallholders’ participation in market-oriented production and export supply chains in the area are limited. The company empowers producer groups through training, agricultural extension and local group organization, plays an intermediary role between farmers and micro-finance institutions and provides a common export market for producer organizations and their apex networks. The project aims at further strengthening these networks by providing specific training on contract farming, leadership and group dynamics and by setting up exchange visits and field days.
  • Wamunyu Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd and Masii Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd -Wamunyu FCS Ltd and Masii FCS Ltd Joint milk marketing initiative
    Wamunyu Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd is a dairy cooperative and has an active membership of 623 farmers. Wamunyu society’s key milk market areas are Wamunyu, Machakos and Kitui towns. Masii Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd is also a dairy cooperative. The development objective is to contribute to improved and sustainable standards of living among the dairy cooperative members in Mwala district. The two lead organizations will have started off the formation of a secondary level organization (8 other dairy cooperatives and a few self-help groups will be beneficiaries as they are part of the initiative.
  • Kabisi Farmers Cooperative Society, ‘Take a Cow – Give a Calf’: Replicative Dairy Project - (pdf file, 247kb)
    The project will help 100 impoverished households become self-sufficient through provision of livestock (heifers), related services and training in basic entrepreneurial skills. An initial 100 heifers are expected to form a core foundation for the growth of community assets. Each family will give their first three born calves back to the cooperative, to be handed over to other members.
  • Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute: Enhanced Fish Market Information Project - (pdf file, 270kb)
    The project will set up a system for collecting real time key market information using mobile phones from about 150 fish landing sites, markets and fish processing firms. The information will be relayed to a data centre located in Kisumu, to be synthesized, packaged and made accessible to beneficiaries through mobile phones, the Internet, newspapers and local radio. The information will include: prices and quantities of fish; number of fish buyers and cold storage fish trucks and; basic weather information that can influence market decisions.
  • Mugama Farmers Co-operative Union Ltd: Specialty Coffee Co-operative Project
    The project will empower coffee farmers, field committees and staff on good agricultural practices for increased coffee quality/quantity production for increased incomes and poverty reduction. Special emphasis of the Project will be on empowering the community on coffee value addition and marketing while encouraging increased consumption of coffee locally.
  • Uriri farmers Co-operative Society Ltd: Soy Bean Production and Value Chain Addition - (pdf file, 1.41MB)
    The project will transform livelihoods of 700 families in Rongo District, Southern Nyanza region by diversifying and introducing new crops, creating new income generating activities and employment opportunities for local farmers.
  • The Lorna Young Foundation:African Peer Partnering - Developing effective business and marketing learning for cooperative smallholders (pdf file 378kb)
    This project has developed as a result of the LYF’s work with cooperatives in Nyeri, Kenya which discovered that; a) coffee cooperatives in Nyeri lack sufficient business, marketing, governance and organizational skills in order to be able to engage effectively within the ‘second window’ (liberalization) of the Kenyan coffee industry b) that women and young people are not effectively represented at secondary cooperative level and c) LYF's belief that a greater focus needs to be placed on South-South mentoring. This project will create 'Partner Peers' between Ambo University College (AUC), Ethiopia and the Nyeri Technical Training Institute (NTTI) Kenya, who are both willing to work together to develop new training courses tailored to the business/ marketing needs of the Nyeri regions coffee growing cooperatives. Following a training needs assessment, the AUC and NTTI will develop course materials that will also take into account the specific needs of youth and women
  • Meru Central Dairy Cooperative Union Ltd - nstallation of milk cooling facilities (pdf file 2MB)
    Meru Central Dairy Cooperative Union’s core business is milk processing and marketing and serves 13 primary cooperatives with 5,553 members from four districts in Meru. The product range includes pasteurized one day fresh milk, two weeks shelf life milk, cream, fermented milk, ghee, butter and ice cream.
    In 2009, the union lost two affiliate cooperatives supplying 7,000 litres of milk daily to a private company. This has threatened the survival of a rural SACCO that draws its main and regular contributions from the dairy union and the whole social network in Meru. We hope to reverse these trends.
    The main objective of the project is to increase milk production from 6,769,645 litres to 16,845,043 litres by end of 2013. To help achieve this, 13 milk coolers (capacity 1,200 litres each) and milk loading pumps will be installed, and one road tanker of 7,000 litres capacity will be purchased to ease milk collection and boost milk intakes.

  • Associates for Innovation Africa Limited (Innovation Africa) - Computerization support services for agricultural co-operative societies
    The viability of the agriculture co-operative society business model is undermined by inadequate management practice, failure of attracting young people and gender mainstreaming. Lack of trust in co-operatives by farmers has resulted in low or inactive membership. Out-dated business practices reduce their competitiveness, against competition from free marketers. The aim of the project implemented by Innovation Africa is to improve governance, financial and business management of agricultural co-operative societies through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services and solutions, thereby strengthening the viability of the co-operative business model and its attractiveness to young men and women.
  • Kenya Small And Micro Entrepreneurs (KESME) Rural SACCO Ltd - Wealth creation among KESME rural SACCO members through establishment of an indigenous/organic chicken brand for effective savings mobilization and credit facilitation (pdf file 2.2MB)
    Kenya Small and Micro Entrepreneurs Savings and Credit Cooperative  is interested in establishing a viable agro-processing network, value addition, marketing and promoting tailor made savings and credit operations for small and medium enterprises - especially in rural settings (village banks) - including the Grameen bank module of micro lending, franchise and insurance. This project intends to use branding and micro franchising to redesign an indigenous pro-poor product (poultry) into a commercially viable enterprise, where members will follow a code of common practice, and promote collective marketing for better bargaining while enjoying diversification through modern square foot gardening techniques with yield increase. 
  • Limuru Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd - Feed mill installation and commissioning at Limuru dairy farmers co-op society Ltd (pdf file 2.1MB)
    This project is to provide affordable high quality animal feeds to farmers by purchasing and installing a feed mill on Limuru Town premises. Extensive training will be provide to members on new feeding technologies to improve milk production, increase income and thus reduce poverty and the burden of HIV/AIDS. The cooperative society will be using the existing distribution and milk collection network. The feed will be packaged in various weight sizes (20, 40, 50, and 70 kilos) to be sold on a credit basis, recovered at the end of each month by the milk sales.



  • Co-operative Insurance Company - Sensitize Cooperatives on risk Management - (pdf file, 677kb)
    The project will evaluate the kind of risks facing co-operative organizations in Kenya through the collection and distribution of relevant information to promote risk reduction and sustainable development of cooperatives. This will include sensitisation to risk associated with fire and theft through enhancing occupational health and safety awareness, as well as ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities to establish impact.
  • Cooperative Consultancy Services Ltd,  Enhancing Institutional Capacity and Sustainability of SACCOS in Kenya Through the Provision of Specialised Financial Advisory Services - (pdf file, 238kb)
    The project will build the capacity of savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs) to provide financial advisory services in various spheres of management. The project has identified key areas in which the SACCOs need capacity building in order to better serve their members and maximise use of resources. The project will select at least 20 SACCOs in eight provinces of Kenya (two in the Coast and Western provinces, one in the North-eastern province, and three for the other provinces each). Emphasis will be put on gender issues to ensure that women and youth benefit significantly from the project both as ordinary members and in leadership
  • Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives Society: Access to Markets and Financial Services for Rural Small-holder Fruit Producers Project - (pdf file, 285kb).
    KUSCCO and Agric Chains Development Ltd intend to address the issues of market and financial services by strengthening the capacity of one SACCO and two marketing cooperative to provide an estimated 700 producers with credit services and market enhancement strategies. The SACCO and marketing cooperatives are namely MEFAT SACCO and Koyumkaa and Soin Marketing Societies.
  • Swisscontact: Establishment of Innovative Cooperative Cells Project - (pdf file, 266kb)
    The project will extend the Swisscontact model to assist micro-entrepreneurs and households to access immediate sustainable profitable savings and credit services. Based on the successes of the ongoing Mavuno Group Savings and Lending Project and the Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCO) Start-up Kit Project, Swisscontact aims to establish 300 new cells and secure registration for 15 selected groups as SACCOs with the Ministry of Cooperatives and Marketing Development. The project will recruit Community Based Trainers (CBTs) to mobilise, train and supervise the cells and new SACCOs. Groups will contribute to a training fund that will ensure self-sustainability.
  • Umande Trust - Community SACCO initiative
    Umande Trust aims to transform the lives of low-income urban communities and improve their access to water and sanitation services by providing training and other technical services to promote SACCOS as a community-financing model. Umande Trust aims to facilitate, plan, build and maintain savings and credit systems fully owned and managed by community based groups in informal settlements so to give them access to credit facilities by promoting a culture of regular small-scale savings. The objective is to set up 40 new savings groups with over 2000 members (SACCO membership estimated to increase from 2780 to over 5000 members). Training on leadership, bookkeeping and business development will be provided. Youth empowerment by involving them in water and sanitation activities through the construction of a bio-centre and creation of small-scale savings groups will be promoted.

  • Agriculture and Rural Development Scheme Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited (ARDESC SACCO) - Establishment of front office savings activity
    The Agriculture and Rural Development Scheme Savings and Credit Cooperative Society was born out of the initiative of rural and suburban small scale farmers, and business people in the Rift Valley province of Kenya, and has been implementing back office savings and credit activities for the last ten years. ARDESC SACCO wish to offer diversified banking services to our current and prospective members by establishing a front office savings activity section. Members will be encouraged to open SACCO savings accounts, which will allow them to apply for additional credit from the section. The section will help with the collection of payments and act as a channel through which members’ proceeds are paid in. It will also reduce the number of cheques used for the disbursement of loans, as they will be credited to the members’ personal accounts, and facilitate payments of interest on deposits and dividends. Credit will be available for agricultural production, processing and value addition.
  • Baringo Teachers SACCO Society Ltd - Promoting small and micro enterprises through micro credit financing
    Baringo Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) currently has 5 branches with 63 staff members, serving a membership base of 9,700 Back Office Members and over 22,000 Front Office Service Activity members. The SACCO is managed by a board of 11 Directors and 3 Supervisory board members. The aim of the project is to economically empower micro savers within the SACCO’s areas of operation to understand the benefits of being in income generating activities. Education will be a major aspect of the project as we will be providing training for micro credit staff, business enterprise groups and groups dealing with bee farming on the need to adopt modern technology and value addition of their product – agro processing.  The community’s capacity to use new ways and technologies will be enhanced through training of village based artisans and agro processors and subsequently generate new job opportunities and expansion.
  • Merciful International Guild - Capacity building for improved market and governance (pdf file 2.1MB)
    Merciful International Guild is a Non Governmental Organization committed to mobilize resources for rehabilitation and training youth, women and children in Kenya. In 2009 Merciful provided 100 pastors, 83 community based organization leaders, people living with HIV/AIDS and the disabled with training on poverty eradication, community empowerment, gender equality and income generating activities. The aim of this project is to train 250 primary cooperative leaders and staff members on marketing strategies, value addition in processing and production, modern accounting systems and methods, IT skills, the impact of HIV/AIDS in the cooperative movement and business organization and management.

  • Nest Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Ltd - Market research and product development
    The overall objective of this Market Research and Product Development is to train and equip the SACCO staff with necessary market research skills to be able identify the needs and want of it current and potential customers. The second objective is to conduct a comprehensive market research study for Nest SACCO. The outcome of the market research will provide further detailed information to the Board and Management for decision to develop Market led products. The project should also be able point to issues to improve the prudential soundness, management quality, product development, product pricing and financial efficiency of the SACCOs to compete in a highly competitive financial market and achieve greater outreach.

  • Kencom SACCO - Kencom SACCO training of trainers course
    This project will impact critical business skills and entrepreneurial knowledge to members of Kencom SACCO with a view to enabling them, not only, to manage the personal finances effectively but also to utilize their loans in profitable ventures. Experience has shown that many of them use their loans for unplanned personal consumption and as a result have difficulties in repayment. In order to achieve this objective it has been proposed that all members should be trained in Business and financial planning and entrepreneurship. However since it is not possible to train all the members at the same time, it has been further proposed that training of trainers approach should be adopted.


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