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Departments in Social Dialogue Sector

    Labour Administration

    • Labour Administration and Labour Inspection Programme (LAB/ADMIN)
      The Labour Administration and Inspection Programme aims at assisting ILO constituents in promoting Decent Work through the strengthening of labour administration machinery, including labour inspection, making them more effective. This was recognized by the Treaty of Versailles 1919, when setting out the general principles for the foundation of the ILO, and was recently recalled by the ILO Declaration of Social Justice for a Fair Globalization adopted in June 2008.The Programme provides technical assistance to constituents to promote the implementation of international labour standards such as Conventions No. 81, No. 129, No. 144 and No. 150, assessing labour administration and labour inspection systems, creating networks, developing action plans for building capacities of labour administrators and labour inspectors.

    Industrial and Employment Relations

    • Industrial and Employment Relations Department (DIALOGUE)
      The Industrial and Employment Relations Department aims to promote the advantages of social dialogue in addressing economic and social issues. It does so by strengthening institutions which work for social dialogue and supporting the role of governments and the social partners in constructing that dialogue.For that purpose, it advises ILO constituents on bargaining, mediation and dialogue machinery and processes and provides supporting tools. The Branch also helps ILO constituents to revise national legislation in accordance with international labour standards

    Sectoral Activities

    • Sectoral Activities Department (SECTOR)
      The objective of the Sectoral Activities Programme, managed by the Sectoral Activities Department (SECTOR), is to facilitate the exchange of information between the ILO's tripartite constituents on labour and social developments concerning particular economic sectors, complemented by practically-oriented research on topical sectoral issues and technical assistance to help solve labour problems.
      SECTOR's principal activity is the holding of international meetings that provide a forum for discussion and an exchange of views on current issues in the sector concerned. Sectoral meetings are generally tripartite (equal participation by governments, employers and workers). Where the government is the predominant or sole employer, however, participation reflects this in the form of joint meetings, often with some participation from private sector employers. From time to time seminars or specialized meetings of experts are also held. An outcome of most meetings is agreed conclusions that serve as guidelines for policies and measures for dealing with the issues and problems -- as appropriate at the international and national level and for the ILO.

    Better Work Programme

    • Better Work programme (BETTER WORK)
      Better Work is a unique partnership of the international Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) that aims to improve compliance with core international labour standards and national labour law, and to promote competitiveness in global supply chains. Better Work brings together governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations and international buyers to improve working conditions through the implementation of scalable and sustainable services and systems.

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