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How does the ILO encourage its constituents to strengthen social dialogue

By attending to a wide range of problems related to work and by being present in the most relevant discussions on the concerns of working people.
The importance of social dialogue is being increasingly recognized at a time when the international community is seeking appropriate solutions to the problems and opportunities created by globalization. Given the ILO’s established experience and expertise in the area of tripartism and social dialogue, the Organization is well-placed to play a leading role in the promotion of dialogue, partnerships and participatory approaches in the policy-making process.

It assists its constituents by:

• Promoting international standards concerning social dialogue;
Promoting gender equality in each of its programmes and activities;
• Elaborating social dialogue indicators as part of the overall indicators of decent work;
• Helping to modernize national labour legislation and by strengthening labour administrations;
• Organizing bipartite and tripartite meetings in many technical and sectoral fields.

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