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ILO Standards and Legal Issues

ACT/EMP helps strengthen the competence of employers' organizations on international labour standards and legal issues.

It assists employer representatives at the International Labour Conference, in the Governing Body and in other ILO meetings in preparing their positions on ILO standards-related agenda items. In this regard, ACT/EMP closely works together with the International Organisation of Employers (IOE). ACT/EMP also organizes training on international labour standards and related labour law, and publishes relevant guidance material for employers' organizations in cooperation with the ILO Turin Centre, the International Labour Standards Department (NORMES) and the IOE.

  • The standard-setting and monitoring activity of the ILO: Legal questions and practical experience - (pdf 131 KB)

    "… Many readers may know of Alfred Wisskirchen, who … from 1983 to 2004, was the Employer spokesperson and Vice-Chairperson of [the Conference] Committee [on the Application of Standards]. Here he offers us his recollections of that long experience of the ILO's standard-setting and monitoring activity, raising several legal questions he considers should be addressed. … A large part of the article is given over … to the (sometimes difficult) relationship between the Conference Committee … and the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations. In this connection, … the author rehearses the problems repeatedly raised in the monitoring of these standards, the main example being the ever-controversial issue of the right to strike and whether this is specifically covered in ILO instruments. …" - excerpt from the Introduction of International Labour Review, Vol. 144 (2005), No. 3.
  • Employers' Handbook on ILO Standards-related Activities Employers' Handbook on ILO Standards-related Activities - (pdf 812 KB)

    This publication is for use in training courses and seminars on International Labour Standards aimed at employers' organizations. It can also be used as a reference material for employer participants in the International Labour Conference and the ILO Governing Body sessions. The book also encompasses the employers' views on ILO standard related activities.
  • Employers' Organizations and the ILO Supervisory Machinery Employers' Organizations and the ILO Supervisory Machinery - (pdf 1,35 MB)

    This publication contains, among other things, a description of the ILO's supervisory machinery, a summary of the complaints and representations made by employers' organizations, a description of the principles established by ILO supervisory bodies on Conventions No. 87, 98 and 144 and an assessment of the use of the supervisory machinery by employers' organizations. It is addressed to employers' organizations seeking assistance from the ILO standards supervisory procedures, as well as employer representatives acting as members in ILO supervisory bodies.

  • Employers' Toolkit on ILO Standards

    Preliminary Presentation of the Toolkit This publication, which is prepared in co-operation with the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), is meant to guide employers' organizations on questions regarding ratification and implementation of important ILO Conventions (and Recommendations) in national labour law and practice.
    In order to be able to influence national consultations in this regard, lawyers in employers' organizations need background information on ILO standards from an employers' perspective, in particular on how the employers in the ILO have considered the respective ILO standards in the adoption process and in later discussions in the supervisory procedures. The publication will also address the scope for flexibility that individual Conventions offer.

  • With support from other competent ILO departments, ACT/EMP also advises - and organizes training for - employers' organizations on questions regarding the employers' freedom of association and the legal framework for employers' organizations.

    Legal Frameworks for Employers' organizations in Eastern European and Central Asian Countries Legal Frameworks for Employers' Organizations in Eastern European and Central Asian Countries - (pdf 1,8 MB) • Russian (pdf 2,55 MB)

    This publication provides an overview of legislation in countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia related to employers' organizations, ranging from recognition and creation of employers' organizations, their internal organization and external activities, to conditions of suspension and dissolution. Special emphasis is given to a trend in these countries to adopt special laws on employers' organizations. An attempt is made to assess this legislation from the viewpoint of employers' organizations.

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