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Around 40 millions of people are currently living with HIV/AIDS worldwide and as it mostly affects people during their most productive working years it is therefore a major concern to enterprises. It is widely recognized that the destructive effect of the pandemic is a major obstacle for the reduction of poverty, economic growth and social development.

For both moral and economic reasons, employers' organizations are at the forefront of the fight against HIV/AIDS at the workplace alongside national governments and workers' organizations as well as the ILO and the IOE.

The ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS together with accompanying training manual and guidelines for employers serve as reference documents and tools in this endeavour. ACT/EMP developed and published the CD-ROM entitled Employers' Organizations & HIV/AIDS to help employers' organizations and their members enterprises manage the impact of HIV/AIDS, protect their workers and their businesses, and strengthen the business response to the epidemic.

HIV/AIDS is having a devastating impact on human resources and productivity in many countries, mainly in Africa and Asia. A sustained effort is therefore required from employers to further broaden and deepen the response through well targeted and managed programs. The Bureau for Employers' Activities is well positioned to help employers' organizations and their members to respond to the challenges of HIV/AIDS.

For further information or to order a copy of the CD-ROM please contact us.

Employers' organizations & HIV/AIDS

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