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Building Effective Employers' Organizations

Employers' organizations are effective when they add value to their member enterprises and meet their representation, advocacy and services delivery needs. Building strong and effective employers´ organizations is the main goal of ACT/EMP´s institutional capacity building programme.

One of ACT/EMP's flagship capacity building products is a series of practical guides/training modules on building and managing employers´ organizations more strategically and effectively. The core Effective Employers' Organization training package is targeted to employers' organizations to improve their organizational structures, governance, management, communications and advocacy to help them better respond to the needs of their members. The package is a set of five different guides on Governance - (pdf 3,46 MB), Strategy - (pdf 2,19 MB), Advocacy - (pdf 3,38 MB), Revenue Building - (pdf 2,74 MB) and Communications - (pdf 4,6 MB).

The core Effective Employers' Organization training package was further expanded through the development of a new series of guides/training modules on membership services. The "Services Series" guides consist of Strategic Approach to Service Development - (pdf 3,2 MB) and two thematic guides on specific membership services. The "Strategic Approach" guide provides general guidance on business strategies for the design, delivery and monitoring of membership services offered by employer and business organizations, while the thematic guides go into greater depth on specific services provided to members in industrial relations and human resources - (pdf 2,02 MB) and labour law - (pdf 1,94 MB).

A guide has also been developed on Building a Strong and Efficient Sectoral Employers' Organization - (pdf 1,7 MB).

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