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Business and Disability

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network, a network of multi-national enterprises, employer and business networks on disability, and representatives of disabled persons´ organizations has been set up by the ILO Skills Department and ACT/EMP to share knowledge and identify good practices related to disability inclusion in the workplace among companies and employers´ organizations. Network members include 43 multinational enterprises and 17 employers´ organizations worldwide in addition to disabled persons´ organizations.

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network is an employer-led, member-based initiative that drives strategic business awareness about the positive relationship between the inclusion of people with disabilities and business success. It serves companies of all sizes and markets by encouraging knowledge-sharing and joint activities thus building disability expertise, facilitating the development of national networks and promoting the business and human rights cases for disability inclusion in the workplace.

The ILO believes that by participating in such a network, companies will benefit from more diverse workforces, improved productivity, reduced turnover, safer workplaces and increased customer service and community brand loyalty. Employers' organizations will also increase their capacity to address their members' needs related to disability diversity, corporate social responsibility, legal adherence and human resources.

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