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    Technical occupations are classified separately from professional occupations in Major group 3, Technicians and associate professionals. Thus, Technician, biologist classified in Unit group 3211, Life science technicians, while Technician, engineering mining is classified in Unit group 3117, Mining and metallurgical technicians.

    Quality inspecting occupations, whose main tasks are to ensure compliance with the quality standards and specifications of manufacturers, are classified in Unit group 3152, Safety health and quality inspectors. On the other hand, testers and checkers, whose main tasks consist of a mechanical inspection of the goods produced which, in most cases, amounts to simple visual checking, are classified with workers producing these goods.

    Supervising occupations, as well as those of a foreman/woman, which are mainly concerned with the control of the professional or technical quality of the work done, are classified together with the jobs whose tasks they supervise. However, if the main tasks and duties of a job consist of planning, organising, controlling and directing the dally work activities of a group of subordinate workers, the occupation should be considered as a managerial occupation and classified in the appropriate group belonging either to Sub-major group 12 or 13, Corporate managers or General managers, respectively.

    Coaching occupations primarily concerned with on-the-job training by continuous observation, assessment and guidance are classified with the occupations whose workers they instruct, in particular trade, craft or machine-operating tasks.

    Teaching occupations mainly concerned with giving private lessons are classified with other teachers at the corresponding institutional level. It should be noted that driving, flying, sailing and related instructors are classified in Unit group 3340, Other teaching associate professionals.

    Occupations concerned with research and development are classified according to the field of specialisation in Major group 2, Professionals. When a researcher is also exercising a teaching profession, he or she should be classified as a teacher, at the appropriate educational level.

    Apprentices and trainees are classified according to the tasks and duties actually performed, and not, as is the case with some occupational classifications, according to their future occupation.

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