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    Skill specialisation: Skill specialisation can be indicated both broadly and more narrowly and is related to subject matter areas, production processes, equipment used, materials worked with, products and services produced, etc. The words used to describe the subject matter, production processes, etc. therefore have to be used as labels for the core sets of skills with which occupations are concerned. The same type of words may be used to describe the type of activity, i.e. the industry, of the production unit. For some workers it will therefore be possible to "predict" the occupation in which they are working with a fairly high degree of success, knowing how they are classified by industry. This does not mean that ISCO-88 is using industry as a classification criterion (except in a few cases where it is directly relevant), only that skills in fact are linked to products, materials, etc. which are the determinants of the industry of the establishment in which the work is carried out. The conceptual difference between the two types of classifications should not be forgotten, even though it may be partly obscured by the correlation between them and by the terminology used.

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