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    Poultry producers plan and carry out the necessary operations to breed, raise and tend poultry for sale or delivery of eggs, meat or feathers on a regular basis to wholesale buyers, marketing organisations or at markets.

    Tasks include -

    (a) determining kinds and amounts of poultry and poultry products to be produced;

    (b) purchasing chicks, growing and purchasing food and other supplies;

    (c) renting or investing in buildings, equipment and machinery;

    (d) breeding, raising and tending poultry, and collecting eggs;

    (e) killing, dressing and packing poultry for shipment;

    (f) storing and carrying out some basic processing of their produce;

    (g) maintaining farm buildings, machinery and equipment;

    (h) delivering or marketing farm products;

    (i) performing related tasks;

    (j) supervising other workers.

    Examples of the occupations classified here:

  • Farm worker, skilled/poultry

  • Farmer, poultry

  • Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

  • Department manager, production and operations/agriculture - 1221

  • General manager, agriculture - 1311

  • Labourer, farm - 9211

  • Managing director, enterprise/agriculture - 1210

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