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    Secretaries use typewriters or word-processing equipment to check and transcribe correspondence and other documents, deal with incoming and outgoing mail, screen requests for meetings or appointments, record and screen leave and other staff entitlements, organise and supervise filing systems, and deal with routine correspondence on their own initiative.

    Tasks include -

    (a) checking and transcribing correspondence, minutes and reports from dictation or written drafts to conform to off ice standards, using typewriter or word processing equipment;

    (b) dealing with incoming or outgoing mail;

    (c) scanning, recording and distributing mail, correspondence and documents;

    (d) screening requests for meetings or appointments and helping to organise meetings;

    (e) screening and recording leave and other staff-members' entitlements;

    (f) organising and supervising filing systems;

    (g) dealing with routine correspondence on their own initiative;

    (h) performing related tasks;

    (i) supervising other workers.

    Examples of the occupations here:

  • Secretary

  • Secretary, stenography/typing

  • Secretary, typing

  • Secretary, word-processing

  • Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

  • Assistant, correspondence - 3431

  • Secretary, administrative - 3431

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