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    Teaching associate professionals teach a range of subjects at the primary and pre-primary education levels, organise educational activities especially for children below primary school age, or teach physically or mentally handicapped children, young persons or adults, or those with learning difficulties.

    Tasks performed by workers in this sub-major group usually include: preparing programme of learning and giving instruction in a range of subjects at the pre-primary and primary education levels; planning and organising activities designed to facilitate children's development of language, or physical and social skills; adapting curriculum to suit the particular group of mentally or physically handicapped persons, or those with learning difficulties, and teaching them using braille, lip- reading and other special aids and techniques; engage in other teaching activities including teaching h.ow to fly aircraft or drive motor vehicles or other engines. Supervision of other workers may be included.

    It should be noted that, depending on the specific tasks and degree of responsibility in executing them, as well as on the national educational and training requirements, it may be appropriate to classify some of the occupations that are identified here into Sub-major group 23, Teaching professionals. This is relevant to the occupations classified into Minor groups 331, Primary education teaching associate professionals, 332, Pre-primary education teaching associate professionals, and 333, Special education teaching associate professionals.

    Occupations in this sub-major group are classified into the following minor groups:

    331 Primary education teaching associate professionals

    332 Pre-primary education teaching associate professionals

    333 Special education teaching associate professionals

    334 Other teaching associate professionals

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