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    Technicians and associate professionals perform mostly technical and related tasks connected with research and the application of scientific or artistic concepts and operational methods, and government or business regulations, and teach at certain educational levels. Most occupations in this major group require skills at the third ISCO skill level.

    Tasks performed by technicians and associate professionals usually include: undertaking and carrying out technical work connected with research and the application of concepts and operational methods in the fields of physical sciences including engineering and technology, life sciences including the medical profession, and social sciences and humanities. Tasks also include: teaching children at primary and pre primary levels; teaching and educating handicapped persons; initiating and carrying out various technical services related to trade, finance, administration, including administration of a number of government laws and regulations, and to social work; providing artistic and sports entertainment; executing some religious tasks. Supervision of other workers may be included.

    Technicians and associate professionals may receive guidance from Senior government officials, Managers or Professionals.

    It should be noted that, depending on the specific tasks and degree of responsibility in executing them, as well as on the national educational and training requirements, it may be appropriate to classify some of the occupations that are identified here into Major group 2, Professionals. Examples are to be found in particular among teaching occupations, nursing occupations and social services occupations.

    Occupations in this major group are classified into the following sub-major groups:

    31 Physical and engineering science associate professionals

    32 Life science and health associate professionals

    33 Teaching associate professionals

    34 Other associate professionals

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