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    Authors, journalists and other writers write literary works for publication or presentation in dramatic form, appraise merits of artistic productions, or literary and other works of art, or write and edit news, stories and commentaries.

    Tasks include -

    (a) conceiving and writing literary works for publication or presentation in dramatic form;

    (b) writing scripts and continuities and preparing programmes for stage, film, radio and television productions;

    (c) appraising and writing about merits of literary, musical and other works of art, and about artistic performances;

    (d) collecting, reporting and commenting on news and current affairs for publication in newspapers and periodicals, or for broadcasting by radio or television;

    (e) interviewing politicians and other public figures at press conferences and on other occasions, including individual interviews recorded for radio or television;

    (f) writing editorials and selecting, revising, arranging and editing submitted articles and other material for publication in newspapers and periodicals;

    (g) appraising manuscripts submitted for publication in book form, making recommendations thereon and editing or supervising editing of the material;

    (h) writing advertising copy promoting particular products or services;

    (i) selecting, assembling and preparing publicity material about business or other organisations for issue through press, radio, television and other media;

    (j) designing and writing brochures, handbooks and similar technical publications;

    (k) performing related tasks;

    (l) supervising other workers.

    Examples of the occupations classified hers:

  • Author

  • Copywriter, advertising

  • Critic

  • Editor

  • Journalist

  • Writer, technical

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