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    Philosophers, historians and political scientists work, mostly by reasoning, in the field of epistemology, metaphysics or ethics. They conduct research and describe past events and activities, including the development of social and economic structures, or cultural and political institutions and movements, and make the knowledge obtained available as a basis for political, diplomatic and related policies.

    Tasks include -

    (a) researching, mostly by reasoning, into the general causes, principles and meanings of the world, human actions, experience and existence, and interpreting and developing philosophical concepts and theories;

    (b) consulting and comparing primary sources, such as original or contemporary records of past events, and secondary sources such as archaeological or anthropological findings;

    (c) extracting relevant material, checking its authenticity, and researching into and describing the history of a particular period, country or region, or a particular facet - for example economic, social or political - of its history;

    (d) conducting research in such fields as political philosophy, or past and present theory and practice of political systems, institutions or behaviour;

    (e) observing contemporary political institutions and collecting data on them from various sources, including interviews with government and political party officials and other relevant persons;

    (f) presenting findings and conclusions for publication or use by government, political parties or other organisations and interested persons;

    (g) preparing scholarly papers and reports;

    (h) performing related tasks;

    (i) supervising other workers.

    Examples of the occupations classified here:

  • Historian

  • Philosopher

  • Political scientist

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