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    This unit group covers business professionals not classified elsewhere in Minor group 241, Business professionals.

    For instance, here should be classified those who are engaged in studying, advising on and applying operational methods relating to various aspects of business undertakings, such as marketing, advertising, public relations, application of rules concerning patents, or steps to be taken in setting up and running a business, and home economics principles.

    In such cases tasks would include -

    (a) conducting research and determining or advising on existing level of sales for particular products or services, and assessing potential markets and future trends;

    (b) planning, advising on or directing and coordinating production of advertising campaigns;

    (c) studying, advising on and conducting public relations programmes with a view to improving the public's knowledge and understanding of the enterprise or establishment in question;

    (d) giving advice concerning patents and assisting in preparing applications or examining applications submitted for registration, and writing reports setting out reasons for or against the granting of a patent;

    (e) studying and advising on financial, legal, organisational, marketing and other aspects connected with setting up and running a business;

    (f) studying, interpreting and informing about and advising on principles of home economics and management with a view to promoting welfare of families, as well as the consumption of household goods, or the promotion of new products;

    (g) performing related tasks;

    (h) supervising other workers.

    Examples of the occupations classified here:

  • Account executive, advertising

  • Analyst, market research

  • Home economist

  • Officer, public relations

  • Patent agent

  • Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

  • Company secretary - 1231

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