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ISCO-08 Structure and preliminary correspondence with ISCO-88

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ISCO-08 was adopted through a resolution of a Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Labour Statistics held in December 2007. This resolution was subsequently endorsed by the Governing Body of the ILO in March 2008. The text of the resolution, including the ISCO-08 structure, is provided in Microsoft Word and Adobe pdf formats below. The classification structure can also be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets showing the preliminary correspondence between ISCO-88 and ISCO-08 are also provided. The tables show the corresponding codes and titles for ISCO-88 and ISCO-08 unit groups, presented in code order for each classification. The letter 'p' in Column E indicates that only part of the group listed in column D corresponds with the group shown in column C. Comments are provided, for the time being in the English version only, where the specific occupations involved in a particular partial correspondence may not be self evident, or where other clarification may be necessary.

Although some minor changes may need to be made to the correspondence tables as a result of the process of finalising the group definitions and index of occupational titles, it is unlikely that these changes would involve statistically large occupations.

Please provide links to:

Resolution adopting ISCO-08 (pdf)

Resolution adopting ISCO-08 (Word)

ISCO-08 structure (Excel)

ISCO-08 Group definitions - Final draft (Word)

ISCO-08 Group definitions - Final draft (Excel)

Correspondence table: ISCO-88 - ISCO-08 (Excel)

Correspondence table: ISCO-08 - ISCO-88 (Excel)
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