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Strategic Programming and Management Department
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    The Strategic Programming and Management Department (PROGRAM) advises the Director-General and assists ILO management and staff on programme planning, resource allocation and implementation reporting. Its work is based on a commitment to results-based management and budgeting and focuses on:
  • Preparing, in collaboration with all units of the Office, the documents for the Governing Body and the International Labour Conference related to strategic planning, programme budgeting and programme implementation. Main products include the biennial Programme and Budget, Implementation Reports and the Strategic Plan.
  • Developing the ILO's capacity in results-based management through the design of appropriate systems and programming tools, analysis and guidance as well as capacity building and training of staff.
  • Supporting and advising on the implementation of improvements in internal structures and management systems, including through integrated functional support of IRIS.
    Results-Based Management
    The central principle of results-based management is that an organization must manage and measure its performance against the real-world outcomes to which it intends to contribute. For the ILO, this means that its contribution to making decent work a reality for all working women and men is the ultimate goal that justifies its work programme and its budget.
    Decent Work Country Programmes
    The ILO has decided to focus its assistance to member States on achieving decent work objectives through time-bound and resourced vehicles called Decent Work Country Programmes (DWCPs).
    DWCP Guidebook, Version 4
    Outcome-based workplans
    The ILO sets out for each biennium Outcome-based workplans that guide the work of the Office, both in the field and at headquarters towards the achievement of ILO Outcomes. Such Outcome-based workplans prioritize ILO action and drive resource allocation.
    Strategic Plan
    The Strategic Plan is the ILO'’s medium-term planning document. It is the expression of the strategic orientation of the Organization, what it aims to achieve and how.
    Strategic Plan 2018-21
    Transitional Strategic Plan 2016-17
    Previous Strategic Plans
    Programme and Budget
    The programme and budget is linked to the Strategic Plan and the priorities identified by constituents through DWCPs and decent work decades or agendas, decisions of the Governing Body and the International Labour Conference, and various other tripartite forums such as regional meetings and meetings of experts.
    The Director-General’s Programme and Budget proposals for 2018-19
    Programme and Budget 2016–-17
    Previous P&Bs
    Programme Implementation Report
    This report provides an overview of ILO's performance and programme implementation for a biennium. It provides detailed reporting and analysis under each strategic objective, focussing on the results achieved.
    Programme Implementation report 2014-15
    Previous Implementation Reports