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Cross-Departmental Analysis and Reports Team

The social impact of
the Asian financial crisis

Technical report for discussion at the
High-Level Tripartite Meeting on Social
Responses to the Financial Crisis in East and
South-East Asian Countries

Bangkok, 22-24 April 1998
AFC/Bangkok/1998 ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific Bangkok

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Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Table of Contents


    1. Extent and origins of the crisis

      1.1. Origins and nature of the crisis
      1.2. Outlook

    2. The social impact

      2.1. Introduction
      2.2. Retrenchments and unemployment
      2.3. Real wages
      2.4. Changes in poverty levels
      2.5. Increased fragility of social protection
      2.6. Women workers
      2.7. Migrant workers

    3. Policies to contain the social costs

      3.1. Introduction
      3.2. Economic policies
      3.3. Saving viable enterprises: Adjustment at the enterprise level
      3.4. Policies and programmes to assist displaced workers
      3.5. Social protection
      3.6. Social dialogue
      3.7. Policies towards migrant workers
      3.8. Concluding remarks

    4. Securing the future

      4.1. Economic and political reform
      4.2. International labour standards and tripartism
      4.3. Employment policies
      4.4. Strengthening social protection
      4.5. Strengthening policies towards vulnerable groups
      4.6. Strengthening institutions for industrial relations

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