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Events in Africa

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  • Algeria

    • April, Algiers, Algeria
      Inauguration of New ILO Office Building, following December 2007 destruction.
    • April, Algiers, Algeria
      Launch of Enterprise Promotion Project on Youth Employment
    • 26-27 April 2009, Algiers, Algeria
      Algeria celebrates ILO 90th anniversary with 2-day workshop on Decent Work
      The Algerian General Workers' Union (UGTA - Union Générale des Travailleurs Algériens), jointly with the ILO Office in Algiers, organized a 2-day workshop on "The national economic and social pact and Decent Work". The seminar, preceding the "ILO Information Week", emphasized the importance of social dialogue as key to today's challenges: rising unemployment, sustainable development, decent jobs. The economic and social pact remains instrumental for the Algerian tripartite partners striving for social justice. Youth employment, vocational training and skills and women's work are amongst the topics to be addressed during the ILO Week.
  • Angola

    • 22-28 April 2009, Luanda, Angola
      Conference - debate at the Université Catholique de Luanda on the local impact of the financial & economic crisis.
  • Benin

    • 20 April 2009, Cotonu, Benin
      The anniversary conference was opened by The Minister of Labour and Public Affairs, who traced ILO's history and mission in the context of benefits to Benin.
  • Botswana

    • 27 April 2009, Gaborone, Botswana
      Radio panel discussions and press conference focused on Youth Employment and Skills Development.
  • Burkina Faso

    • 23-30 April 2009, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
      Message from the Government, Conference debate on Health Insurance. Dissemination of documentary films, Press Conference and Radio Broadcast in 45 provinces.
    • 23 April 2009, Burkina Faso
      The Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization was translated into the three national languages of Burkina Faso
      The Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization marks the most important renewal of the ILO since its adoption of the historic "Declaration of Philadelphia" in 1944. The Declaration also marks a significant step forward in respecting, promoting and realizing the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work adopted by the ILO in 1998.
  • Burundi

  • Cameroon

    • 21-28 April 2009, Yaoundé, Cameroon
      Screening of ILO film, summarizing major accomplishments and highlighting strategic perspectives of ILO to promote social justice in the 21st century.
      Formal launch of the ILO 90th Anniversary by the Minister of Labour, including speeches by workers and employers. Dissemination of 90th Anniversary celebration song. Public exhibitions and stands involving Government, parliamentarians, social partners, the Diplomatic Corps, agencies of the United Nations system, women's groups, youth, persons living with HIV/AIDS, indigenous peoples, academia, civil society organizations, institutions of social welfare.
  • Cape Verde

    • 21-28 April 2009, Praia and Mindelo, Cape Verde
      Round Table on Youth Employment and Innovative Approaches to Social Protection and Poverty Reduction
      Inauguration of permanent exhibition "ILO Tools in the context of the ONE UN Initiative", by Minister of Labour in the presence of Government members, Diplomatic Corps, the social partners, the UN and civil society. Two major conferences, with the same broad participants on the general theme of the anniversary held in Praia on 22 April 2009 and in Mindelo on 28 April 2009.
  • Central African Republic

    • 22-28 April 2009, Bangui, Central African Republic
      Social dialogue at the core of ILO 90th celebrations in Central African Republic
      Launched by the Minister of Labour, the 90th celebrations in Bangui gathered over 200 participants throughout the anniversary week: employers, workers, representatives of diplomatic missions, UN agencies and the civil society. The opening ceremony heard statements by social partners, highlighting social dialogue as an essential means to mitigate the Crisis' effects. Celebrations included: visit at enterprise renowned for its HIV/AIDS work policy (DAMECA), street dancing, workshops, visit at oil distillery, award ceremonies.
      1. L'OIT célèbre son 90ème anniversaire (in French)
  • Chad

    • 21-28 April 2009, N'Djamena, Chad
      90th Anniversary celebration launched by Minister of Foreign Affairs included Tripartite Round-table Assessment of Crisis impact on Decent Work. Tripartite adoption of Declaration on Social Dialogue and Decent Work.
      1. Photos from the event - (pdf 70kB)
  • The Comoros

    • 21-28 April 2009, Moroni, The Comoros
      Tripartite activities including a TV debate
      Socio-cultural events: Launch of a Decent Work song, sports competition, ILO banners displayed in Moroni, Anjouan and Mohéli, sports competition, TV Tripartite conference.
    • 28 April 2009, Moroni, The Comoros
      Communications campaign, culminating on 28 April with ILO documentary on major TV and radio stations. Training Workshop for journalists on women integration at the workplace.
  • The Congo

    • 21 April 2009, Brazzaville, The Congo
      Discussion on theme of "Impact of the Financial Crisis on Decent Work".
  • Côte d'Ivoire

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Egypt

    • 23 April 2009, Cairo, Egypt
      Minister of Manpower and Immigration to address tripartite audience on behalf of President Hosni Mubarak at ILO 90th anniversary event
      The celebration of the 90th anniversary of the ILO resonated in Cairo with permanent reminders of the slogan: "Working for social justice is more than just the theme of the anniversary. It is our assessment of the past and our mandate for the future". Under the auspices of H.E. President Hosni Mubarak, Mrs. Aisha Abd El Hady, Minister of Manpower and Migration opened the ceremony on 23 April, 2009 and was presented with a Memorial Stamp. Key contributors to the ILO were awarded honourary certificates and an exclusively-designed Silver Coin, issued by the Egyptian Mint House. Over 400 people attended the events: Ministers, Parliamentarians, Diplomats, UN Country Team Members, ILO Honourees, Representatives of Government, Workers, and Employers.
      1. Photos from the event - (pdf 1.1MB)
    • 28 April 2009, Cairo, Egypt
      Federation of Egyptian Industries holds event to celebrate ILO 90, on topic of Financial and Economic Crisis response by Tripartite partners
      1. Programme (Arabic) - (pdf 60kB)
      2. Presentation by Dr. Samir Radwan - (pdf 379kB)
      3. Photos from the event - (pdf 621kB)
  • Equatorial Guinea

    • 21-28 April 2009, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
      Reading of ILO Director-General's message and screening of ILO 90th Anniversary video framed the celebrations.
  • Ethiopia

    • 14 April 2009, Ethiopia
      Posting of ILO 90th Anniversary events in Addis Ababa website on Facebook and Distribution of ILO 90th Anniversary insert with Whats Up magazine (5000 copies).
      1. Whats Up magazine insert - (pdf 2.5MB)
    • 19 April 2009, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
      Display of ILO 90th Anniversary billboards and street banners
      1. Street Banner - (pdf 127kB)
      2. Billboard - (pdf 140kB)
    • 21 April 2009, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
      ILO 90th Anniversary First Pan-African Photography Exhibition on Social Dialogue on Decent Work for a Fair Globalization.
      The First Pan-African Photographic Exhibition on Decent Work for a Fair Globalization featured eight prominent African photographers (Antonio Fiorente - Ethiopia, Kwabena Danso - Ghana, Jim Chuchu - Kenya, Uchechukwu James-Iroha - Nigeria, Saidou Dicko - Senegal, Andrew Tshabangu - South Africa, Mwanzo Millinga - Tanzania, and Folly Koumouganh - Togo). The exhibition - organized by the ILO Regional Office for Africa in collaboration with ILO Sub-Regional Office for Eastern Africa, Addis Ababa - captured the texture of daily life, the struggle of work and the social dimension of photography as a silent but powerful observation and analysis of humanity.
      1. Invitation - (pdf 63kB)
      2. Event photos - (pdf 857kB)
    • 23 April 2009, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
      High level tripartite symposium on the theme "Mitigating the Present Economic and Job Crisis through Decent Work and Social Dialogue" including a Creative exhibition showcasing the work of Ethiopian women entrepreneurs and women with disabilities as well as ILO activities in Ethiopia.
      1. Banner - (pdf 658kB)
      2. Photos from the symposium - (pdf 1.2MB)
    • 23 April 2009, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
      Essay Competition among Addis Ababa schools on Consequences of Child Domestic Labour.
      Aimed at raising visibility of the issue and advocating for the elimination of child labour, the essay-writing contest involved young people from ten schools and garnered wide media coverage. Organized by the Addis Ababa City Administration Education Bureau and under guidelines issued by ILO Addis Ababa, the competition saw students from all ten schools compete for the award. All essays were peer-reviewed by a Committee set up by the ILO and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Final prizes were awarded by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs on 23 April 2009, during a ceremony attended by students, teachers and proud parents.
      1. Award ceremony photo
    • 28 April 2009, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
      World Safety and Health Day rally gathers over 250 people, part of Ethiopia's celebrations of ILO 90
      More than 250 representatives from government, employers’ and workers’ organizations and staff members from the Public Health Department of Addis Ababa University and the ILO called for a strong safety culture at work on the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The State Minister of Labour and Social Affairs and the ILO Sub-Regional Office for Eastern Africa, reaffirmed their commitment to working together and with the social partners to “be particularly vigilant to ensure that strategies for adjustment and economic recovery do not follow a low road which devalues human life and safety in the workplace”. A public march wove through the city drawing crowds to the Addis Ababa National Exhibition Center which showcased practical steps employers’ and workers’ organizations as well as the government could continue to take to cultivate a safety and health culture.
  • Gabon

    • 21-28 April 2009, Libreville, Gabon
      Ceremony is launched with reading of the ILO Director-General's message and a screening of the ILO 90th Anniversary video..
  • The Gambia

    • 28 April 2009, Banjul, The Gambia
      National symposium and TV panel discussion
      President Alhaji Dr. J.J. Jammeh opened the National Tripartite symposium, a high-level event officiated by the Minister of Labour and organized by ILO constituents. 150 Participants attended, including Ministers, Parliamentarians, the Chief Executive of the Employer's organization, the representatives of the 3 Trade Union Organizations, the UN country team, the University of The Gambia, representatives of civil society, NGOs, women's and youth organizations, and city and local authorities.
  • Ghana

  • Guinea

    • 26-29 April 2009, Conakry, Guinea
      This event brings together tripartite constituents, diplomats, students, and the general public with panels on Social Dialogue, Women's Entrepreneurship and Employment Creation.
      This celebration was launched with a televised statement by the Minister of Labour, Administrative Reform and the Public Service. A high level workshop was held, bringing together diplomats, students, the general public and the tripartite partners with a special session on the theme of "Constructive and Fruitful Social Dialogue in Guinea" and a panel on youth employment chaired by Guinean Minister of Youth, Sports and Youth Employment. This event was followed by a basketball tournament amongst participants. Other events included a panel on Women's Entrepreneurship, and on Employment Creation Strategies. Following a panel discussion on the contribution of workers unions to social dialogue and good governance in Guinea, the 4-day event was closed by the Minister of Trade and Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises.
      1. Programme des festivités du 90ème anniversaire de l'OIT - (pdf 20kB)
      2. 90ème anniversaire de l'OIT en Guinée - (pdf 15kB)
      3. Photos - (pdf 1.8MB)
  • Guinea Bissau

    • 13 April 2009, Bissau, Guinea Bissau
      Tripartite round table with civil society and academia focused on the theme of "Job creation for youth in times of a crisis" with a study released on the impact of globalization on youth employment.
  • Kenya

    • April, Nairobi, Kenya
      COOP Africa special events promoted The Cooperative Facility for Africa - technical cooperation programme for the promotion of cooperative development in Africa. The book "Cooperating out of Poverty: The renaissance of The African Cooperative Movement" was released. Socio-cultural events include photo exhibition, TV and radio panel discussion, workshops, speeches by high-ranking officials at rally.
  • Lesotho

    • 21 April 2009, Maseru, Lesotho
      Press Conference, Video of ILO Work, Radio Panel Discussion
    • Lesotho
      Tripartite seminar focussed on assessment of Lesotho's Decent Work Country Programme. Market stalls in selected sites within Maseru exhibited ILO's work.
    • Lesotho
      Contribution of African Employers' Organization in Economic and Social Development on occasion of the ILO 90th Anniversary
      To mark the 90th Anniversary of the ILO, the Pan-African Employers' Confederation published a Special Report highlighting the contribution of employers' organization in the economic and social development of different African countries (Lesotho, Mauritius, Nigeria and Uganda). The report consists of a selection of case studies of the experience of employers' organizations, most of them emerging prior to the accession of African countries to independence. They have played a crucial role in the promotion of social dialogue and in the establishment of a conducive environment for enterprises to develop and create jobs.
  • Liberia

    • April, Monrovia, Liberia
      Tripartite Round Table on Labour Law Reforms.
  • Madagascar

    • 21 April 2009, Antananarivo, Madagascar
      Celebration ceremony of the 90th anniversary with speeches by ILO constituents, launch of the Decent Work song, movie projection: "L'OIT en point de mire" naming of a monument square after ILO and the Decent Work Agenda, and a special postage stamp issue.
    • 23 April 2009, Antananarivo, Madagascar
      Lancement des 90 ans de l’OIT au Carlton : à marquer d’une pierre blanche
    • 24 April 2009, Fort Dauphin, Madagascar
      Celebration of the 90th anniversary and closing session of the Labour Intensive Project based in Fort Dauphin: Training awards ceremony, official inauguration of roads built by the municipality and financed by the project, presentation of the projects "ILO-IPEC" and "ILO-Labour Intensive" outputs.
    • 27-30 April 2009, Diego, Madagascar
      Presentation of the Child Labour National Survey, followed by launch of the project "Tackling child labour through education" and projection of animation film to sensitize the public about the "Fight against child sexual exploitation and the fight against AIDS in the workplace"
  • Malawi

    • 27-28 April 2009, Lilongwe and Blantyre, Malawi
      Reading of poem written by Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa entitled "In this solemn gathering".
  • Mali

    • 22 April 2009, Bamako, Mali
      3-day National Forum on Decent Work: "Tripartite Dialogue for Renewed Public Action"
  • Mauritania

    • 23 April 2009, Nouakchott, Mauritania
      Round Table on social dialogue and decent work for a fair globalization.
      Panels open to the public on promoting equality issues in social dialogue and decent work for a fair globalization. As the current international crisis will probably have a more pronounced negative impact on the lives of women and their children, this is the opportunity to highlight the need to strengthen women's participation in the National Monitoring of the “African Union Extraordinary Summit on Employment and Poverty Alleviation” (Ouagadougou, 2004) and to consider the possibilities of a stronger integration of equality between men and women in Ouagadougou 5.
    • 27 April 2009, Nouakchott, Mauritania
      Round tables on gender equality and social dialogue, film on the impact of ILO interventions in Mauritania.
      1. Video-Summary on occasion of the ILO 90th Anniversary
  • Mauritius

    • 13-28 April 2009, Port Louis, Mauritius
      Public events include the Launch and broadcast of the Decent Work song, and several workshops on "Promoting Social Dialogue", "How to reduce your cost in difficult time", "How to manage your business in a crisis", "Facing global crisis and recession: implications to business strategies and Government policies", "Joint Management negotiating skills".
    • 22 April 2009, Port Louis, Mauritius
      Signing of the Decent Work Country Programme followed by tripartite workshop on social dialogue and collective bargaining and a conference organized by the employers
  • Morocco

  • Mozambique

  • Namibia

    • 21 April 2009, Windhoek, Namibia
      Press conference, airing of video on ILO's work over 90 years, and tripartite radio panel discussion as well as a city parade of 150 people. There were also displays of ILO's constituents work especially regarding safety & health at work.
  • The Niger

    • 21 April 2009, Niamey, The Niger
      Vocational Training Campaign
      National Forum entitled "Vocational Training Campaign" held with resource persons representing the world of work, development partners, universities, diplomatic missions, informal economy
    • 28 April 2009, The Niger
      Human Caravan of 600 carries message of Decent Work, safety and health at work and child labour to villages and schools in Niger
      The caravan of adults and children carried banners and shouted ILO 90 slogans as they moved from school to school focussing on ILO Conventions and carrying the ILO/IPEC message against child labour into communities with mining and panning industries. Children and their families offered testimonies to village elders and chiefs as well as to professional labour inspectors.
  • Nigeria

  • Rwanda

    • 22 April 2009, Kigali, Rwanda
      Series of workshops on Social Dialogue and a Radio and TV Debate one social protection, social dialogue and tripartism.
  • São Tome & Principé

    • 22-28 April 2009, São Tome, São Tome & Principé
      90th Anniversary banner on main avenue highlights safety & health at work. Tripartite meeting with team created by government on safety & health at work.
      1. Photos from the event - (pdf 3.6MB)
  • Senegal

  • Seychelles

    • 21-28 April 2009, Victoria, Seychelles
      Broadcast documentaries on the history of the ILO, followed by contest on the history of the ILO with tripartate conference-debate.
  • Sierra Leone

    • 21-28 April 2009, Freetown, Sierra Leone
      Press Conference, Symposium and parade in the main streets of Freetown..
  • Somalia

  • South Africa

    • 23 April 2009, Pretoria, South Africa
      Public exhibition displaying ILO work throughout decades, followed by TV/ Radio Panel discussion on the 2008 Declaration on Social Justice and a Fair Globalization.
  • Sudan

    • 26 April 2009, Khartoum, Sudan
      Sudan launches book and workshops
      The Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resources and the higher committee for the ILO 90th compiled a tripartite book on the Relations between Sudan and the ILO. The book is in Arabic and English. Celebrations were formally launched on 26 April at the Ministry of Labour, and included an exhibition and several workshops on issues ranging from the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization to the financial crisis and its impact on the Labour Market. There will also be a football match.
      1. Programme of events - (pdf 16kB)
  • Swaziland

    • 24 April 2009, Manzini, Swaziland
      Press Conference, TV/radio panel discussion, video of ILO work
  • Tanzania

  • Togo

  • Tunisia

    • 24 April 2009, Tunis, Tunisia
      TV and radio debate with constituents, universities, parliamentarians and UNDP.
    • 27 April 2009, Tunis, Tunisia
      Tripartite Seminar: Social Dialogue on Decent Work for a Fair Globalisation
      The Minister of Social Affairs, Solidarity and Tunisian Nationals Abroad opened the Tripartite national conference. His comments underscored Decent Work as a path out of poverty and affirmed ILO as a symbol of global social conscience. He also recalled that Tunisia joined the ILO at its independence in 1956. The conference was closed by the Minister of Labour and Youth. Workers and employers organizations as well as organizations dealing with skill development participated.
  • Uganda

    • April, Kampala, Uganda
      Inauguration of the new ILO Technical Cooperation project office.
      1. Press coverage: Workers and their parliamentary representatives demonstrate over exploitation
    • April, Uganda
      The ILO IPEC SNAP, support to the National Action Plan on the Elimination of Child Labour is launched.
      It reinforces the winder Ugandan Decent Work Country Programme and includes a pricession of young people from primary school children to University students, accompanied by workers, employers, as well as government and civil society representatives. Tripartite workshop on Decent Work focuses on Uganda Decent Work Country Programme.
  • Zambia

    • 27 April 2009, Lusaka, Zambia
      Minister of Labour and Social Security launches the ILO 90th anniversary and the Occupational Safety and Health exhibition on Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation (ZNBC)
    • 28 April 2009, Lusaka, Zambia
      ILO @ 90 and Occupational Safety and Health joint commemorations include tripartite panel discussions, exhibitions and speeches from ILO and social partners (Government, employers' and workers' organizations). A 30 min documentary was broadcast. A supplement (Business Post) on ILO's work and achievement was published and distributed country wide.
    • 28 April 2009, Lusaka, Zambia
      ILO 90 Decent Work Award presented to Film-maker Musola Catherine Kaseketi
      Musola Catherine Kaseketi won the Award for her film, Suwi (Faith). This film touches upon Zambia's Decent Work Country Programme priorities as the story of the Suwi, a young woman with a disability, unfolds. Other priorities of the DWCP, combatting HIV and AIDS and eliminating child labour are also profiled as Suwi befriends an AIDS orphan. For Suwi, a job is the most important thing to give meaning to her life, allowing her to rejoin society.
      1. Photos - (pdf 5.6MB)
      1. Zambia Federation of Employers Newsletter features ILO's 90th as well as economic downturn and its impact on the labour market based on reports provided by social partners - (pdf 1.3MkB)
  • Zimbabwe


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