Events and meetings

October 2015

  1. Employment injury schemes and the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases

    19 - 30 October 2015

    The general objective of the course is to strengthen the capacity of employment injury institutions for the management of the occupational accidents and diseases and the promotion of the prevention approach on occupational safety and health (OSH).

June 2010

  1. "The Social Protection Floor Initiative" - Side Event of the 99th International Labour Conference

    16 June 2010

    The event will demonstrate through highest-level country presentations the feasibility of implementing one or more components of the Social Protection Floor, highlighting their positive impact on national social and economic development. It will raise awareness among the Donor countries about the importance of the Floor as a key element in the fight against poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Moreover, the event will prepare for the discussion on the Recurrent Item on Social Security at the ILC in 2011.