Masters Courses for Social Policy Financing and Social Policy Design, Public Policy and Human Development Master Programme specializations at Maastricht University

Depending on the state of economic development, individual countries redistribute between 5 and 30 per cent of GDP through national social protection schemes (social assistance schemes, social insurance schemes, health benefits, pension and short-term cash benefits). Redistributive machines of such an order of magnitude need to be designed, adjusted, reformed, monitored and managed by highly qualified social protection specialists and managers.

The Maastricht University Masters programmes fill a crucial void in global professional governance training. In 2000 the ILO and the University of Maastricht agreed to set up a joint one-year master’s programme in social protection financing. The programme was designed to train social protection specialists and to create a permanent training infrastructure for further groups of experts.
The long-term objective of this collaboration is to improve the design and implementation of national social protection systems by improving the (quantitative and empirical) bases for
national political decision-making processes.