Public-private partnerships

Partnerships for decent work

Who is teaming up with the ILO? 

Our current public-private partners are diverse and range from multinational enterprises to foundations and research institutes. Our partners have joined forces with the ILO, for exapmle, to combat child and forced labour and to ensure healthy and safe operations and workplaces.
Decent work is good for business. Socially responsible practices are conducive to gains in productivity, competitiveness, innovation and access to new markets. The ILO has collaborated with the private sector since its foundation in 1919. Since 2008, when the Organization adopted its basic principles governing public-private partnerships, more than 100 partners have taken action for decent work with the ILO - through more than 150 innovative partnerships Need more? Take a look at our partnership factsheets.

Watch and learn

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  2. What about skills?

    PPPs in skills development

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    China Case Studies: Results through Training on Cleaner Production

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  1. Social protection

    Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors

    This Network, to be launched by ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on  28 October 2015, aims to bring together multinational enterprises, employers’ organizations and corporate foundations to share good practices and contribute to the promotion and establishment of Social Protection Floors, worldwide.

  2. Textiles

    The ILO and the Government of Pakistan support the public-private partnership on labour law compliance in the textile sector