World Bank - ILO Cooperation

The World Bank and the ILO bring complementary strengths and approaches to their partnership, which seeks to address the challenges of poverty and exclusion, a global financial and jobs crisis, and growing inequality. At the basis of the ILO-World Bank collaboration is the shared goal of leaving no one behind in alignment with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

World Bank and ILO collaboration

For 2018-2022, the World Bank’s contribution to the ILO totalled US$ 6.8 million. In 2022, the World Bank is actively contributing to four projects with a total budget of US$ 2.2 million.

The World Bank Group’s strategic priorities:

The creation of sustainable jobs is a critical component and a cross cutting theme of the World Bank Group’s mission. Relying on a comprehensive approach that leverages resources across sectors and mobilizes global knowledge in addressing the jobs challenge, the World Bank Group supports the development of jobs strategies to address specific social objectives in diverse regional and sectorial contexts.

The World Bank Group – ILO partnership increasingly focuses on research and statistics, policy advice and technical assistance to countries. Joint work and coordinated efforts are underway on:
  • Social protection floors
  • Youth employment and skills development
  • Employment-intensive infrastructure
  • Global supply chains
  • Migration
  • Gender equality
  • Support to fragile states.