Resource Partners and Funding

In 2015 the ILO received voluntary funding from donors of USD 225.7 million. In past years voluntary funding has accounted on average for 43% of overall ILO resources.

Where possible, partners are encouraged to provide flexible, un-earmarked and predictable funding. In return the ILO has strengthened its capacity to manage for development results and to deliver value for money. Monitoring and evaluation inform the programming process and enhance country and constituent ownership. 

ILO Development Cooperation Dashboard 

Discover the new interactive visual interface to financial data and documentation on ILO development cooperation based on voluntary contributions worldwide.

Trends in ILO extra-budgetary technical cooperation, 2006-15

In 2015 voluntary contributions to the ILO amounted to US$ 225.7 million. This report demonstrates trends in voluntary funding.

Multibilateral development partners and the European Commission, 2011-15

New partnerships

  1. Mobilizing Domestic Resources

    Direct Trust Funds

    Updated November 2015: Member States are increasingly committing their own resources to partner with the ILO. This factsheet shows recent trends.

  2. Social dialogue and rights

    Garment worker’s rights and voice in Bangladesh given boost

    Sweden will provide funding worth US$5.4 million to the initiative entitled "Promoting Social Dialogue and Harmonious Industrial Relations in the Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment Industry", which will run from November 2015 to December 2020.

  3. Denmark's Ambassador to Lebanon, Rolf Holmboe (right), and ILO Acting Regional Director for Arab States, Frank Hagemann, sign the funding agreement

    Child labour

    Denmark-led programme funds ILO project to combat child labour in Jordan and Lebanon among Syrian refugees and host communities in need

    The Denmark-led Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) has funded an International Labour Organization (ILO) project to combat rising child labour among Syrian refugees and host communities through labour policy reform and technical capacity building, to be complemented by direct services through partner organizations.

  4. Germany increases support to the ILO's fight against child labour

    Germany today donated €800,000 to the ILO's work to combat child labour in the poorest parts of Central Asia, bringing their total contributions to IPEC since 2010 to $4.8 million.

  5. Discrimination

    Israel helps ILO promote decent work for Roma youth

    Contribution will focus on Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on skills development and combating discrimination

  6. Occupied Palestinian territory

    Kuwait contributes US$500,000 to support ILO activities in the occupied Palestinian territory