Resource Partners and Funding

In 2019 the ILO received more than US$ 459 million in voluntary funding from funding partners. In the 2018-2019 biennium, voluntary funding accounted for approximately 50 per cent of the ILO's total resources.

Where possible, partners are encouraged to provide flexible, un-earmarked and predictable core funding through the Regular Budget Supplementary Account (RBSA). The ILO has also strengthened its capacity to manage for development results and to deliver value for money. Monitoring and evaluation inform the programming process and enhance country and constituent ownership. Detailed information about ILO's entire development cooperation portfolio is available in the Development Cooperation Dashboard.

Partnership updates

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    Italy-ILO Partnership

    Italy and ILO sign new agreement to support employment and livelihood opportunities in Jordan

    The ILO will receive a US$ 1 million contribution from the Government of Italy to further its work promoting and employment and livelihood opportunities in Jordan

  2. Distribution of ATM cards to EIIP workers in Jordan ensures salary payments are not disrupted

    Efforts to support workers employed in Jordan’s EIIP ensure much-needed salaries are paid during COVID-19 lockdown thanks to the support of the German Development Bank (KfW).

  3. In Mauritania, UNHCR and ILO are working to promote decent work opportunities among refugees and host communities 

    Building on the on-going UNHCR-ILO partnership, the new project focuses on building the resilience of populations affected by instability using on-the-job and practical training and benefits from the financial support of a Trust Fund funded by the European Union. Click for the full article in French

  4. Hope and better prospects for a former bonded labourer in Nepal

    With the support of the United States Department of Labor, ILO provides vocational training to former bonded labourers through the Bridge Project.

  5. Joint action to support refugees and host communities

    The International Labour Organization will work to strengthen socio-economic growth and decent work for refugees and host communities with the support of the Government of the Netherlands as part of the PROSPECTS partnership.

  6. Netherlands-ILO partnership

    ILO signs new agreement with the Netherlands on forced displacement response

    ILO has signed a new, US$ 94 million agreement with the Government of the Netherlands as part of a wider inter-regional partnership that aims at improving prospects for host communities and forcibly displaced people to have access to employment and livelihood opportunities, known as the PROSPECTS Programme.

  7. South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC)

    Meeting of the Regional Initiative for a Latin America and the Caribbean free from child labour

    Representatives of 25 countries in the Americas convened at ILO regional headquarters in Lima, Peru to discuss joint plans for combatting child labour with the support of the Brazilian and Spanish Cooperation Agencies as well as the the ILO's Department of Partnerships and Field Support from the 22-25th of October. Click for the full article in Spanish.

  8. Public-Private Partnerships

    ILO and Fast Retailing group join forces to promote employment and social protection in Indonesia

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Japanese apparel retail holding company Fast Retailing have signed a US$1.8 million partnership agreement supporting an ILO led programme to promote employment and social protection in Indonesia.

  9. Equatorial Guinea

    Value chain development in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors

    10 July 2019

    The African Development Bank is working with the ILO to support the development of fishing and aquaculture value chains in Equatorial Guinea through a five-year, multi-million dollar project set to launch in January 2020. Click for the full article in French. 

  10. Partnerships

    Kuwait pledges further funds to support ILO activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

    5 July 2019

    A new, US$ 0.5 million contribution from Kuwait to the ILO will promote decent work and social justice in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, bringing the total of Kuwait’s annual contributions to ILO efforts in the Arab States region to US$ 5.5 million since 2009.

  11. Sahel

    Japan to support youth employment opportunities for refugees and host community in Mauritania

    11 April 2019

    The project aims at promoting economic self-sufficiency of refugees and peaceful coexistence with host communities through the development of employability schemes and decent jobs in infrastructure construction works.

  12. Syrian refugee crisis

    ILO and Germany pen agreement to bolster decent work for Syrian refugees and host communities

    14 March 2019

    The ILO and Germany’s Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development have signed a comprehensive memorandum of understanding which seeks to support job creation in response to the refugee crisis and forced displacement in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

  13. Peace and development

    A new ILO-Japan project to ensure water, jobs and peace in Mindanao, Philippines

    04 March 2019

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Government of Japan have signed a new partnership to provide jobs and promote peace through improved water supply and sanitation services in post-conflict areas in the Philippines.

  14. Garment sector

    ILO and Sweden join forces to promote decent work in Asian garment supply chains

    07 December 2018

    The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the ILO signed a Cooperation Agreement to start a new project to improve working conditions and productivity for women and men workers and enhance the sustainability of the garment industry in Asia.

  15. Forced displacement

    Netherlands supports Jobs and Education for refugees and host communities

    05 November 2018

    Key ILO development partner signs innovative partnership with the ILO to respond to forced displacement.

  16. Youth employment

    Luxembourg reaffirms support to the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth

    23 October 2018

    Donor renews partnership with the ILO with a particular focus on the Sahel region

  17. Partnerships

    ILO and Singapore moving forward to promote decent work in Southeast Asia

    05 June 2018

    The ILO and the Singapore Ministry of Manpower renew their Partnership Agreement to promote decent work in Southeast Asia