Flanders - ILO Cooperation

Flanders is an important partner of the ILO in pursuit of Decent Work for all. This cooperation was renewed with the signature of a cooperation agreement in 2016. Flanders contributes to the ILO through the Flanders ILO Trust Fund, which supports ILO’s strategic objectives within the thematic and geographical priorities of Flemish foreign policy.

Flanders' strategic contributions to the ILO

Flanders funds the ILO through:

  • Voluntary, non-core funding contributions provided as earmarked funds for priority programmes and projects. Under its 2016 Cooperation Agreement with the ILO (period 2016-2021), Flanders contributed US$ 4.7 million, with an additional US$ 489,130 provided in 2022.

Flanders’s support to ILO interventions

In addition to global projects, the ILO currently implements a programme in India as well as two global initiatives with funding from Flanders.

Flanders’s development cooperation priorities 

Since the renewal of the cooperation agreement between the Government and ILO in 2016, the partnership has focused on promoting decent work for women and young people, with particular attention to social dialogue and implementing activities in Southern Africa.