European Year for Development 2015

Partners for decent work: The ILO joins the European Year for Development

The European institutions and countries are key partners in the ILO’s fight for decent work for all women and men. With more than 150 joint projects over the past 10 years, the European Year for Development offers a perfect opportunity to share good practices and raise awareness of the human impact these efforts have had on millions of lives – in all corners of the world. Each month of the year is devoted to a different theme. That for June is "Sustainable Green Growth, Decent Jobs and Businesses".

2015 is a pivotal year for development. It is the last year for achieving the collectively agreed Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the year in which major decisions will have to be taken on the framework that will replace them. At this juncture, 2015 offers a perfect opportunity for shedding light on and celebrating what has been achieved and to seek what still needs to be done to eradicate poverty everywhere.

As the EU and the ILO are long-standing development partners who have, over the past ten years, intensified their work together, the European Year for Development offers many opportunities for the ILO to build on and harness this partnership, highlight the results achieved and position the ILO as the lead agency on all world of work matters - to EU institutions, citizens and partners.

5 reasons why the ILO has decided to join the European Year for Development:

  1. To showcase ILO-EU results and the human impact these efforts have brought about - at a critical juncture for the ILO, the EU and the world at large
  2. To build closer links and better alignment with Europe and its institutions
  3. To position the ILO as the leader in the world of work, within a European context
  4. To reaffirm the complementarity between the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda and EU priorities and goals, including the EC Agenda for change
  5. To ensure transparency and accountability of ILO activities and show solidarity with one of its largest development partners

By engaging with the ILO in technical cooperation, including evidence-based policy development, the EU contributes to the realization of decent work in practice.”

Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General

12 months, 12 themes

12 themes – one for each month – have been identified, most of which are directly linked to the Decent Work Agenda. In June 2015, the spotlight is on sustainable green growth, decent jobs and businesses.