Speeches and statements

March 2012

  1. Adoption of international labour standards key to supporting rural women

    15 March 2012, New York

    Governments can play an important role in supporting women in rural situations and in particular agricultural workers by ratifying international conventions relevant to female agricultural workers and implementing international labour standards that are key to gender equality.

February 2012

  1. Promotion of GDP growth alone will not alleviate poverty

    02 February 2012, New York

    The macro agenda must be transformed to include more and broader objectives. An efficient model for growth and decent work at the center requires the integration of macroeconomic policy strategies with employment and social policy.

October 2011

  1. Tackling informal labour markets and boosting rural development are primary challenges for LDCs

    21 October 2011, New York

    For LDCs, it is essential to encourage economic diversification and a gradual transition to productive formal employment that extends voice, rights and protections in the workplace.

  2. ILO calls for jobs-intensive growth model

    19 October 2011, New York

    A pro-employment macroeconomic framework is needed which sets explicit quantitative employment targets at national and international levels.

  3. Greater resources and effort needed to implement the Indigenous and Tribal People Convention

    17 October 2011, New York

    Full implementation of the ILO Convention has been delayed, resulting in tensions as indigenous communities show signs of dashed hopes.

  4. Decent work central to poverty eradication efforts and a more efficient growth

    17 October 2011, New York

    The lag in recovery of the jobs market continues to adversely affect the real economy through overall unemployment, under-employment, suppressed wages and incomes, and a decline in domestic consumption, all of which are key drivers of growth and essential pre-conditions for poverty eradication.

  5. South-South cooperation critical for sustainable development

    12 October 2011, New York

    The global South is increasingly home to many successful examples of innovative technologies and other sustainable solutions to development challenges.

  6. Employment and social protection are indispensable for balanced growth

    11 October 2011, New York

    Beyond just managing economic growth, inflation and public budgets, a broad range of policies must be strengthened to ensure a full recovery of the labour market.

  7. 100th Session of the ILO Conference yields progress for women, youth and the poor

    04 October 2011, New York

    For the first time, international labour standards has been extended to workers in the informal economy, social protection has been reaffirmed as a right, and young people have been brought into the center of the development discussion.

April 2011

  1. Safety risks and discrimination pose serious threats to maternity in the workplace

    15 April 2011, New York

    Women continue to face dismissal and discrimination in hiring on the basis of maternity, while some workplace environments pose hazards to reproductive health.