April 2017

  1. The struggle for the recognition of indigenous rights continues

    25 April 2017

    This year’s Permanent Forum marks the tenth anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. And a persistent challenge remains: more needs to be done to fully realize the human rights of indigenous peoples

  2. A roadmap for gender equality in place, but more effective action needed

    03 April 2017

    The UN’s Commission on the Status of Women agreed on measures for women’s full and equal participation in the economy but consistent action towards these goals in public and private spheres must be sustained for meaningful change.

March 2017

  1. Using data to ask better questions on modern slavery

    19 March 2017

    With the passage of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, the UK government has increased its activities and advocacy on tackling modern slavery including forced labour and trafficking.

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    Ending the instability in which modern slavery thrives

    17 March 2017

    The UN Security Council is pushing for cooperation on cross-border prevention, protection and prosecution in fighting the widespread denial of basic human rights.

  3. Driving change for women’s empowerment is everyone’s responsibility

    14 March 2017

    The importance of the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women in promoting gender equality and economic empowerment is growing fast. And its message of inclusive economies is resonating as a powerful way to break the cycle of poverty globally.

  4. Women’s rights are human rights but are being reduced, restricted and reversed

    12 March 2017

    International Women’s Day, 8 March, normally serves as an opening event for the Commission on the Status of Women highlighting the theme of the Commission.

February 2017

  1. Poverty remains a serious threat to achieving the SDGs

    17 February 2017

    The Commission on Sustainable Development meets to discuss its critical role in implementing the SDGs.

  2. Youth on the vanguard of efforts for a better world for all

    01 February 2017

    Youth delegates at this year's Youth Forum highlighted the importance of decent jobs at a time where changes to globalization are characterised by lower wages and rising inequalities.

January 2017

  1. Sustaining peace is inextricably linked to sustainable development

    25 January 2017

    The President of the UN's General Assembly, H.E. Mr. Peter Thomson (Fiji), convened a High Level Dialogue to explore how the 2030 Agenda and Sustaining Peace complement and strengthen each other.

  2. Sustaining peace is inextricably linked to sustainable development

    25 January 2017

    The President of the UN's General Assembly, H.E. Mr. Peter Thomson (Fiji), convened a High Level Dialogue to explore how the 2030 Agenda and Sustaining Peace complement and strengthen each other.

  3. Artists against child slavery

    17 January 2017

    An exhibit of international artists will be on display at the UN as they use their creations to help raise awareness on stopping child labour and slavery.

November 2016

  1. A global compact for safe, regular and orderly migration

    11 November 2016

    With the commitment of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants to begin a process leading to a Global Compact for safe, regular and orderly migration, the ILO believes that employment and decent work should be an important part of this roadmap.

  2. Regional perspectives of the new development paradigm

    10 November 2016

    Executive Secretaries of the five UN Regional Commissions took stock of the starting positions in their respective regions one year after adopting the SDGs, and highlighted some regional efforts, gaps and challenges.

  3. Good working conditions can also increase productivity and profits

    08 November 2016

    Representatives of global brands and retailers, manufacturers and international organizations meet to discuss and reaffirm their commitment to sustainable development and discuss engagement with the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

September 2016

  1. Building a powerful alliance to end human exploitation

    29 September 2016

    ILO and Ford Foundation co-hosted the launch event of Alliance 8.7, a multi-stakeholder initiative on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Target 8.7

  2. ILO, PBSO, UNDP and the World Bank present joint statement to strengthen peacebuilding impact of employment programmes

    26 September 2016

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    Obama: “History will judge us harshly if we do not rise to this moment”

    23 September 2016

    Leaders’ Summit commits to increase opportunities for refugees to attend school, find employment and settle in their host countries.

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    World Bank, ILO announce new push for universal social protection

    21 September 2016

    New partnership will expand social protection measures worldwide as part of efforts to combat poverty and rising income inequality. New data show that many developing countries are already achieving universal schemes.

  5. A future we want through decent work for all

    20 September 2016

    In a major push to achieve inclusive growth, decent work and social protection for all, the Government of Belgium is scaling-up its collaboration with and support for the ILO to meet these critical goals as called for in the UN’s new development agenda.

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    UN Commission: New Investments in Global Health Workforce Will Create Jobs and Drive Economic Growth

    20 September 2016

    The Presidents of France and South Africa called for urgent investments globally to create new jobs in the health sector in order to prevent a projected shortfall of 18 million health workers primarily in low- and lower-middle-income countries, and help countries to maximize the social and economic benefits of increased health employment.